Woven Gulch

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The Woven Gulch is an arid canyon land, located beyond Phandalin, Rockport, and Goldcliff, as a cannon ball flies. Its main geological features are a series of dusty, dry canyons that are weaving into the ground, all made up of red clay. (They are described both as a dusty brown and made of a red clay.) The largest of the canyons has a big opening that contains a perfect circle — a bubble/temporal anomaly/forcefield.

The Director describes the area as "possibly sticky," and it is certainly a warmer climate than some of the adventurers' previous adventures, necessitating Sweet Summer Looks.

Inside the bubble is the town of Refuge, though it is invisible from the outside.

At some point before arriving in Refuge June and her father found a dehydrated Magnus in Woven Gulch. He was trying to find somewhere sort of isolated to put the Temporal Chalice, but got lost in his journey.

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  • Griffin did not have a name prepared for this area and had to name it on the fly. Alternative names suggested by the players include:
    • Gucci Gulch
    • The Blasted Lands (actually an area in World of Warcraft)
    • The Not-Blasted Lands
    • The Flavor-Blasted Lands
    • The Grandd Canyon
    • The Arid Wastes (actually a map in Starcraft)
    • Tatooine
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