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Hi! I'm a relative newbie at most of this stuff. I was promoted to co-admin by wikia staff after requesting. I can change you to Discussions Moderator or Chat moderator, but I don't really know what either of those do.

What are you interested in doing beyond adding content? (You can do that already as a registered user.)

My basic guidelines for wiki stuff is 1) no using art without the artist's permission and 2) just be cool, guys. I also don't give extra-deep summaries of donor-only content.

As for what stuff still needs to be done, I'm closing in on finishing out The Eleventh Hour arc. So far, only Petals to the Metal is, you know, done (ish). I've also done the Boston Live Show, I guess, which almost counts. If you wanted to start populating pages from the Lunar Interludes, that would be a huge help!

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