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This is almost certainly the wrong place to ask stupid questions like this, but I couldn't find a forum (is there one? Link appreciated!)

We have just had a heated argument about the original color of Merle's hair. It's grey now, of course, but I swear I remember him saying that it was red when he was younger. It may have been during a conversation about Mavis and Mookie in one of the lunar interludes. SOME people I could mention (cough my husband cough cough) were apparently MORTALLY OFFENDED that I should suggest such a thing.

Do you - or anyone else - remember Merle saying he had red hair? If so, do you - or anyone else - remember which episode that was? I'd be very glad to ask in a more appropriate area on the site if you can point me to it.

Thanks very much!<ac_metadata title="Settle an argument? What color was Merle's hair when he was younger?"> </ac_metadata>

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