The Goat Men

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The Goat Men are three assailants working for The Calamity. One of them later defects and becomes an ally to the Pine Guard.

Physical Appearanceedit | hide all | hide | edit source

The Goat Men are similar, but distinct from Sylvain's own Goat folk (such as Vincent). They wear long, dark cloaks which conceal their goat like head.

Personalityedit | hide | edit source

The goat men, at least one of them out of the three, seem to have some sort of personality. They have shown the ability to have confusion as well as fear and, possibly, sadness. 

Powers and Abilitiesedit | hide | edit source

They have the ability to use basic tools as weapons (Fire axe, Shovel, Shears etc.) and speak in bleats. 

Being "minions", they are considerably weaker than an abomination. 

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