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"The Deal" is an agreement between all of the mining interests, and central to the plot of Dust.

Detailsedit | hide all | hide | edit source

The deal is explained by the residents of Dry River to be:

  • A solution to Dry River's recent financial issues
  • A compromise between the Blackwells, Mathises, and workers to save their collective businesses
  • A way to secure better conditions and wages for the workers
  • Providing structure so that Dry River can become incorporated

Reactionsedit | hide | edit source

Here there be spoilers!

Proceed at your own risk if you have not yet listened to Episode 84 and beyond.

The Bansheeedit | hide | edit source

Marcus told the Graysons that the Banshee has been thriving in this unincorporated territory, and that they probably wouldn't want that to change. On the contrary, the Banshee themself tells Errol that they do want this deal to go through.

Incorporation would mean that Dry River would become more structured and then, as the Banshee explains, people will be less preoccupied with worrying and will begin to seek out "vice" — a commodity that the Banshee specializes in. As Errol phrases it:

"We create worlds and then folks like you find opportunities inside of ‘em, and then it’s back up to folks like us to try to squash you before you can do any real irreparable harm."

Despite their less-than-good intentions behind supporting the deal, the Banshee is nevertheless in favor of it.

The Lawedit | hide | edit source

In unincorporated territories, the Law holds the power of enforcing justice. The Law would lose significant power if Dry River became incorporated, as would the Church, placing these institutions in opposition of the deal.

Sheriff Connorsedit | hide | edit source

Connors specifically went off-book, renouncing Limdafel in favor of a demon of chaos. As an ex-beat cop in the Bigg Cityy, he was witness to innumerable acts of corruption caused by structured government. He believes that the only way to preserve Dry River is to keep the money within the town instead of forfeiting tax money, and for him to continue his self-perceived control of the town by making the town reliant on him.

Outcomeedit | hide | edit source

Despite Connors's best efforts, the Blackwell and Mathis families appear to be close with each other at the end of the arc. Since Liam wasn't persecuted, the workers are presumably still in favor of the deal as well. The deal is never explicitly said to have gone through, but without any more major opposition, it likely will.

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