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The Cryptonomica is a roadside cryptid museum/tourist trap formerly owned and run by Edmund Chicane. Formerly run by a Kepler resident named Victoria, Ned took up proprietorship of the museum after her death.

Unlike most museums, the exhibits of The Cryptonomica can be bought for the right price. Despite this, Ned still insists that he runs a museum, not a shop.

A substantial part of The Cryptonomica's business comes from a partnership with Kirby, a local cryptid enthusiast who helps promote cryptid-related tourism via his weekly zine, The Lamplighter.

Ned and the museum are at odds with members of the local government who would prefer to shift away from Kepler's reputation as a backwater tourist trap.

Layoutedit | hide all | hide | edit source

The Cryptonomica is divided into two sections.

Main Sectionedit | hide | edit source

The main section of The Cryptonomica is the front area, a museum setting lined with glass cases exhibiting various unusual objects and specimens, most of which Ned bought on eBay. There are also pamphlets and books available for purchase. One corner of the room contains vending machines and a desk where Kirby works on his zine.

Back Section aka The Chicanery aka The Inner Sanctumedit | hide | edit source

Beyond the museum area is a private back room, about a third of the size of the main section. This space is where Ned keeps the most valuable items in his collection, such as George Clooney's Oscar; Duck's Chosen weapon, Beacon; and the Flamebright Pendant.

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