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The Calamity was the third abomination terrorizing Kepler, West Virginia to be fought by the current generation of the Pine Guard.

In keeping with a modern myth, the Calamity was very weak to copper (specifically, copper nails driven into its trunk).

Physical Appearanceedit | hide all | hide | edit source

The Calamity appeared similar to a huge (redwood-sized) cottonwood tree, but with pure white bark and pitch black leaves. The very thick roots of the Calamity formed a rough dome around its base, spreading far outwards into the surrounding forest.

The branches of the Calamity grew into a symmetrical pattern around it, resembling a nervous system; while, when first discovered, several of these branches had not yet been incorporated into this pattern, they were observed to forcibly split apart and bend into shape whenever the Calamity exerted its powers. By the time the trunk of the Calamity itself split in half, the rest of the branches had all been split this way.

Inside the trunk was a humanoid being made of white sap, connected to the parts of the Calamity by threads of the same material, which appeared to by trying to hold the Calamity together physically before it was dispatched.

Powers and Abilitiesedit | hide | edit source

The Calamity was capable of altering possible future outcomes in order to cause improbable accidents to befall its victims. It was apparently able to change these outcomes consciously in order to further its goals or to defend itself. Any such changes were precipitated by a branch of the Calamity splitting in half and releasing "spores" in the form of cottonwood seeds; these spores would then fall around the relevant area just as an accident was about to occur, resembling snowfall.

Indrid Cold, a clairvoyant, was able to tell when the Calamity was affecting the future, and thus was able to warn the Pine Guard before most of its disasters took place.

Minionsedit | hide | edit source

The Calamity was tended to by three Goat Men, including Billy, over whom it had loose psychic control. These minions carried out much of the work defending the Calamity and helping it grow, working together with its effect on probability. When one of these Goat Men was mortally injured, the Calamity was able to grow a brace of white bark to allow it to continue its work.

Featured Episodesedit | hide | edit source

Episodes featuring the Calamity
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