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People really like throwing around the word "abuse" huh... it's not a synonym for "did something bad":

people are allowed to enjoy characters who are assholes (to an extent, imo, i'd actually be shifty around someone who loved a character who was actually abusive). In this case, death and murder is something that's reoccurring in this narrative, and often treated with comedy. THB have killed many people, but you don't go around saying they're abusive for that.

sure, sazed did it out of jealousy for one specific person, but that's not an ongoing act of ///abuse/// and i suggest you use that very serious phrase more carefully in the future, and think about why you do throw it around. are you actually thinking about these subjects from a factual standpoint, or trying to look morally better than other people? I know dude, i used to be that guy. you're not a bad person for separating yourself from the people telling you that you should think these things.

all in all it's best to not spend your time on the internet yelling about these things

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