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As far as I am aware we do not know his intelligence yet (though if you have a time stamp or source confirmng an intelligence score then I would love to see that!) I totally get that what you are saying about how Master Firbolgs lack of current understanding (stat-wise) may be too far, however as it seems that they are not using the standard array (given that Argo has a +4 dexterity modifier at level 1 which is impossible for a water genasi with a 15 as their dexterity) his intelligence could be lower than 8, closer to a 6 or 5, we won't know until an intelligence check is made, or character stats are released. I super respect your frustration, and hopefully with continued information being revealed that will become better understand on a mechanical level!

Edit: As well to echo some of what is said below, a very high intelligence character can still have no knowledge or understanding of different cultural knowledge, as well as not value that knowledge in the same way. Time will tell on his intelligence stat, but it is possible for the stat to be anywhere and these types of behaviors to be expressed.

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