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Other NPCs: 

*Principal [Nathaniel] Hawthorne = The strict/intimidating principal of Neverwinter High (a "dark-haired man wearing black & grey robes" w/ "large silver medallion around his neck") [status: imaginary

*Dr. Joe (Previously Mr. Joe) = Magnus' [Carey's & Killian's] 1st period Music Appreciation teacher (Gives Magnus a B+ for his Barenaked Ladies presentation) [status: imaginary] 

*Mrs. Ariel(le) = Merle's [& Lucretia's] 1st period Botany teacher (She is not a fan of Merle sex-talking his "shrubbery" and gives him a D) [status: imaginary] 

*Mr. Rick(y)(ie) = Taako's [& Rens'] 1st period Home Ec teacher. It seems that every day all year he makes his students make "plane-ass ham sandwiches." (He does not appreciate Taako's croque monseur & gives it a D & "runs out of class crying & his pants fall down") [status: imaginary

*Brody = "A young man wearing a bright red t-shirt under a bright green nylon jacket w/ bright blue sleeves" & who wears sunglasses indoors. He has "an enormous stone of farspeech" & "faded jeans." He seems to move exclusively via skateboard. He seems to hate school & makes lots of bad references to this. (Note: Magnus likes him at first but doesn't appreciate that he grinded out of sight) After Magnus realizes that the villan is Brody, Mersle casts Zone of Truth and Brody spills the beans that he brought thr THB into the dreamscape to figure out their weaknesses. He's actually a mind flayer. [status: dead] 

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