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Steven Waxmen was Magnus Burnsides's father-in-law and co-worker at Hammer and Tong in Raven's Roost.

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He’s sort of like a general craftsman in Raven's Roost.

He has a small, kind of a C-shaped crescent scar next to his right eye. He also has a little goatee. Kinda scraggly, like it wasn’t fully grown out, but he wears it well.

He isnt portly, but he’s up there in years  but underneath his age, you can tell there’s tons of muscle. He’s got kind of like a blacksmith build to him.

You look at him and you’re like “Ah, that’s a dude who could, like, swing a hammer. That’s a guy who could, like, carry some logs. That’s a guy who could do some work.”

Steven took Magnus into his shop after a promising apprenticeship. He was a father figure to Magnus.

Magnus gave Steven a hearty handshake before he left Raven's Roost.

Two days after Magnus' departure Steven died alongside Julia after an attack on the Craftsman Corridor by Governor Kalen three months after the revolution at Raven's Roost took place, seventy-six people died in total.

5 or 6 years later Magnus's named his goldfish Steven after his father-in-law.

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