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Sazed is Taako's former driver and assistant during the "Sizzle It Up with Taako" show.

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Sazed worked as Taako's driver, stage manager, bodyguard, janitor, and general roadie. Taako considered him his "right hand man" and stated that he knew Sazed "like the back of his hand" (although he briefly couldn't remember Sazed's name when asked) and that they had a positive relationship. Sazed thought Taako "hung the moon" and was receiving cooking lessons from Taako in exchange for his help.

As the show became more popular, Taako occasionally let Sazed have minor parts in the show itself, such as measuring and bringing out ingredients, during which Sazed would try to test out catch-phrases to the audience. After a couple shows where Taako let this happen, Sazed eventually approached him and asked if he could co-host the show, and change its name to "Sizzle It Up With Taako & Sazed." Taako declined him, citing merchandising and branding issues, such as that they would have to throw away all of the t-shirts Sazed had already printed with just Taako's name on them. Sazed agreed to drop it, but became moody and untalkative in the months that followed.

During what became the last show of "Sizzle It Up with Taako" in Glamour Springs, 40 people in the audience who sampled the "Thirty Garlic Clove Chicken" dish Taako prepared got sick and died. Taako assumed it was his own reckless transmutation, turning an elderberry garnish into deadly nightshade, was what poisoned them. However, during The Eleventh Hour, the Temporal Chalice revealed that in actuality, Sazed had poisoned Taako's recipe with arsenic out of jealousy. Whether he intended to kill Taako or his audience is not specified.

Taako, thinking it was his fault, fled Glamour Springs with Sazed as soon as the first person got sick. After two days straight of driving, at the first settlement they reached, Sazed abandoned Taako.

Story and Songedit | hide | edit source

Following the Day of Story and Song, Sazed confessed to his crime and turned himself in to the Glamour Springs authorities.

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Episodes featuring Sazed

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • Justin named Sazed after Sazed from the Mistborn series.
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