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Rowan is a Half-Elf Ranger living in the Felicity Wilds. He is described as “kind of gruff”, has a short shaggy beard, dark red hair, and wields a big-ass longbow.

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Rowan, alongside Antonia, was hired by Lord Artemis Sterling as a mercenary, and as an escort through the Felicity Wilds. They later encounter Tres Horny Boys battling a chimera. As the creature attempts to flee, Rowan takes it out with a well-placed arrow and, despite Lord Sterling's protests, the two groups end up traveling together.

Upon reaching Wonderland, Rowan finds a billboard bearing his name, displaying a plain leather band called Carmine's Collar. Despite knowing Wonderland to be a hugely, deadly trap he is willing to take the risk for a chance at obtaining the Collar and enters alongside Antonia and Lord Sterling.

It is unknown what sacrifices he made but when the Boys see him again after destroying Wonderland he looks all worn down and withered up with big patches missing from his beard.

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Episodes featuring Rowan

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • He is named after listener Rowan, @politebotanist on Twitter.
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