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Ren Mol'diira[1] is the proprietor, bartender, and innkeeper at The Davy Lamp, Refuge’s best (and only) saloon. She works hard to keep a fun, flirty atmosphere in the bar, even though, as Taako points out, competition is limited inside the bubble.

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The Eleventh Houredit | hide | edit source

Ren is first seen as one of the corpses inside Refuge's bank.[2] She is later met by the Tres Horny Boys after blasting away a couple of ruffians.[3] She instantly recognizes Taako and reveals she is a HUGE fan of him, ever since she saw the Quiche Lorraine show in the Underdark. She tells him that he's the reason she started cooking, which got her out of the Underdark and into Refuge. Although Taako remembers that show as happening about six years ago, she thinks it was only a couple years back, right before she came to Refuge. She also recognizes Magnus, but doesn't know how or where. She then talks to Taako a bit about the history of Refuge, the bubble surrounding it, and the sacrifice of Jack and June.

In another loop[4], Taako manages to scam Ren and Ash out of their diamonds by pretending to give out magic lessons in the form of a seminar. Later on, during the bank robbery[5], Ren walks in on the boys attempting to rob the bank, and, in an attempt to keep her away from danger, Taako casts Banishment on her. She manages to resist the spell, and, feeling betrayed by her hero, runs off in tears.

During the closing minutes of the arc[6], Taako decides to keep his promise to Ren, and awards her a top of her class diploma from "Taako's Amazing School of Magic". When she asks about how she could receive this without going through any training from Taako, he tells her that he watched her train and get better the whole time from outside the bubble.

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Has a magic rod (halfway between a wand and a staff), and she’s not afraid to use it. In fact, she does use it on the bandana ruffians who were making trouble in her place at 11:10.

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Episodes featuring Ren

Graphic Noveledit | hide | edit source

Like in the podcast, Ren is first introduced after Refuge's bank explodes for the first time. Unlike in the podcast, where she is killed in the explosion, Ren is the only survivor. She recognizes Taako before the clock tower collapses and Refuge is destroyed.

Ren first gets to talk to Taako in the second loop. He walks into the Davy Lamp and is greeted by Ren, who immediately recognizes him and says that she's his biggest fan. He tries to talk to her about their predicament, and she quickly guesses that they're in a time loop. She then mentions how she still watches Sizzle It Up! With Taako, and is looking forward to his next show, which he finds strange, and tells her that he isn't touring anymore. He also asks where the Temporal Chalice might be kept, and suggests maybe the bank vault; he then says that's probably why she's planning on robbing the bank, to which she frantically denies and then runs into the back, avoiding the topic. Taako remarks that there's always next loop.

In The Adventure Zone: The Eleventh Hour graphic novel, Ren takes on the role of Redmond in the podcast. She and some others (wearing purple neckerchiefs, like in the podcast) use bombs to attempt robbing the bank at 11:50, after which the bank catches on fire and kills most people inside. When Taako, Merle, and Magnus return to talk to her about this plan, Ren says that the bank teller revealed that Sheriff Isaak has a deposit box in the vault. She assumes that whatever's in there must hold the key to tearing down the bubble. Ren says that Refuge is withering as an isolated community, and explains the plan to the boys. The boys agree to help her rob the bank.

During the bank robbery, she enters the bank with some others to try and help. She is potentially knocked out or killed in the fight against Roswell, as she is seen on the ground in background.[7]

Like in the podcast, Ren approaches Taako about magic lessons after Refuge catches up and the bubble is removed. These weren't previously mentioned by Taako, unlike in the podcast. She says that she's worried about catching up to a world that moved on without her, but Taako says that she fought to save her "exploding worm town" and that she'll do fine.[8]

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