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Raven's Roost is a city built atop naturally formed stone columns with long, sturdy bridges connecting the different columns. The different columns are designated to different things like the Craftmens' Corridor and the residential district. As of Governor Kalen's attack upon the town after having been ousted, the column supporting the Craftmens' Corridor has been destroyed and Raven's Roost is now a ghost town.

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The pride of the craftsman corridor in the town of Raven’s Roost was Hammer and Tongs. Hammer and Tongs was owned and operated by Steven Waxmen and his daughter Julia. It was the most prestigious woodworking shop in this whole world, and was built high atop the pillars of Raven's Roost.

Lucretia placed Magnus (after erasing his memories) in Raven's Roost specifically because of Hammer and Tongs' world known prestige. She also found him a home in Raven's Roost, humble, but cozy, with a spacious studio fully outfitted with everything a craftsman might need.

In time Magnus was invited to take a residency at the Hammer and Tongs, and the years that followed would be filled with joy beyond measure for him.

Sometime later Magnus, alongside his future wife Julia, led a rebellion against Raven's Roost's corrupt leader, Governor Kalen. Magnus rallied the common folk against Kalen's soldiers and the rebellion was ultimately victorious.

The rebellion ended three months before the Continental Craftsmen Showcase in Neverwinter.

Shortly after the rebellion Magnus built gazebo in Raven's Roost's and he and Julia got married in it.

Two days after Magnus' departure to the Continental Craftsmen Showcase Governor Kalen returned to Raven’s Roost. And operating from a mindset of “If I can’t have this city nobody can!” He bombed the support column for the craftsmen corridor. 76 people were killed, including Julia, and her father. Hammer and Tongs (their shop) was - quite literally - shattered.

And after the two ten days it took Magnus to get to Neverwinter and back, most of the town had evacuated because they were afraid of similar attacks on their columns.

Raven’s Roost became a ghost town.

Five or six years later Magnus Burnsides adventures with Merle Highchurch and Taako began

With in 6 months after "The Day of Story and Song" Magnus opened a business-slash-school, on the remains of Raven’s Roost. At the school he trains in protection, so that the students can go out and protect the people that need them. He also is a dog trainer, specializing in working with Scottish Deerhounds, he trains service dogs to protect and serve those that need them. The name of this school is Hammer and Tails [A Dog’s School]” (With an apostrophe in there somewhere).

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