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The Phantom Fist is a gauntlet purchased by Magnus Burnsides in Ep. 9.

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This left-handed heavy plate gauntlet gives the wearer a bonus on unarmed attacks. The gauntlet also projects a spectral hand around itself that knocks enemies back 2d4 feet.

Episodesedit | hide | edit source

  • In Ep. 9, Magnus purchases the Phantom Fist after getting a free sample, i.e. getting punched in the sternum with it.
  • In Ep. 10, Magnus punches open a hole in their cannonball after it crashes into a swamp, allowing the Tres Horny Boys to escape.
  • In Ep. 13, Magnus knocks a crab out of the train window.
  • In Ep. 17, Griffin decides that the Phantom Fist is a left-handed gauntlet so that it doesn't conflict with the Fletcher's Mitt.
  • In Ep. 19, Magnus knocks the emergency hatch off an elevator so he and Taako can escape.
  • In Ep. 20, Magnus knocks the elevator doors outwards so he and Taako can escape the elevator shaft.
  • In Ep. 24, Magnus knocks a goblin off of Hurley's battlewagon and under the adjacent bobsled.
  • In Ep. 37, Magnus attempts to knock back the Maarvey bot, but his stoneskin keeps him anchored.
  • In Ep. 46, Magnus knocks a member of The Liberation Brigade against Redmond's door.
  • In Ep. 56, Magnus knocks a mannequin version of Jenkins across the room.
  • In Balance – Live Episode: MaxFunCon East Live!, Magnus punches Art Goodfriend in the face.
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