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Bye, I love you!

—Mr. Upsy

Mr. Upsy, Your Lifting Friend is a cartoonish elevator character designed by Lucas Miller's grandfather Roman Miller.

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Mr. Upsy has a face on his exterior, with bright yellow paint, an eye on either door, and a large, red nose. The inside of Upsy is organic and fleshy, and he produces some kind of slime between his doors; possibly stomach bile, as he refers to his interior as his "belly" on multiple occasions. He has rows of nodes in place of regular elevator buttons. People riding inside Mr. Upsy can see out through his eyes, while his nose lights the way.

Mr. Upsy was meant for a theme park franchise, and alongside him there were characters like "Upsy the Rad Lifting Dude", a cooler reboot with sunglasses, and "Downzo", Upsy's archnemesis, who was apparently the villain of an ill-fated cartoon series.

In Story and Song - Finale, Part Two, he is converted into a mecha by Lucas, who uses him in battle. His newly crafted mechanical limbs are retractable, as evidenced by his entrance into the battle. It is unknown if he is still capable of speech post-conversion. However, he is presumably still sentient, having waved hello upon entry.

Upsy's voice is Griffin attempting an impression of Ed Wynn. He apparently watches soap operas and requests that he not be disturbed between the hours of 4 to 5:30 because of this. He is affectionate toward the Tres Horny Boys, who do not reciprocate these feelings. Balance – Live Episode: Live in San Jose! seems to imply that he is capable of digestion, which he refers to as "juicing", and describes it as "horrifically gruesome", though he reassures his friends that he would never do such a thing to them, and was only doing so due to requirement under the rule of robot overlords.

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Episodes featuring Mr. Upsy
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