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This page is for characters in Campaign 1: Balance that have no spoken dialogue or otherwise have too little information for a full page.

Balance Minor Charactersedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Here there be Gerblinsedit | hide | edit source

  • Ruby: Featured in episode 1. Ruby was Gundren Rockseeker's dog who traveled with the Adventurers on their trip to Phandalin. Is said to look like two butts. Not heard of since the third episode, presumably obliterated in the apocalyptic glassification of Phandalin. Their name was made up right on the spot.

  • Renée the Jackhammer Robot: Renée the Jackhammer Robot is an automaton that lives in Wave Echo Cave. She has jackhammers for arms. She bulldozes Spider Bryan into a pit. She was named after Twitter user Renubals. Featured in episode 4.

  • Spider Bryan: An actual giant spider who guards the Dark Elf, Magic Brian. He was killed by Renée the Jackhammer Robot. Featured in episode 4. A likeness of him was also formed briefly in Wonderland, in episode 55.

  • Kurtze: Featured in Here There be Gerblins, episode 5 and episode 6. An orc youth who the adventurers rescue from slavers. Kurtze was later seen firing an arrow at Gundren Rockseeker and fleeing. It is unknown whether he survived the destruction of Phandalin, but unlikely. He was named after a Twitter user (Scott Kurtz) for whom Griffin deleted the tweet.

Moonlightingedit | hide | edit source

Murder on the Rockport Limitededit | hide | edit source

  • Leeman Kessler: First introduced in episode 10. He was a half-elf soldier and a Bureau of Balance Reclaimer, who died trying to transport The Oculus back to the Bureau. He was posthumously impersonated by Merle Highchurch.

Petals to the Metaledit | hide | edit source

  • Craigory: Featured in episode 23. One of the Hammerhead gang, Craigory was involved in the fight at the garage. He has since died.

Crystal Kingdomedit | hide | edit source

  • Raven Queen: The goddess of death, and Kravitz's boss. She is close friends with Istus, the goddess of fate. First mentioned in episode 38. (Due to copyright issues, she is renamed 'Queen Morior' in the graphic novels).

Eleventh Houredit | hide | edit source

  • The Liberation Brigade: A group of Refuge residents led by Redmond, who are unhappy with the town's situation of being trapped in a bubble. First featured in episode 42., where they are killed during the heist at the town bank.

Suffering Gameedit | hide | edit source

  • Keats: Keats is the briefly mentioned younger brother of the Vogue Elves, Lydia and Edward. Keats was horribly sick with no hope of recovery, and the Vogue Elves became necromancers in an attempt to heal him. This failed, and Keats passed. Keats' death, however, pointed the Vogue Elves to their love of necromancy - so much so, that they became liches. First mentioned in episode 56.

Stolen Centuryedit | hide | edit source

  • Chancellor Marlow: Chancellor of the Legato Conservatory. Featured in the Stolen Century, episode 63 and 64.

  • Aunt: Taako and Lup's unnamed aunt, who taught Taako how to cook, and presumably died when the Red Robes' homeworld was absorbed by the Hunger. Mentioned in several episodes, including episode 60.

  • Abbess Oriana: Featured in episode 64. An Abbess and spiritual leader of The First Monastery. Chose Merle Highchurch to train at the monastery, where she taught him how to use a technique called Parley. Named after Twitter user @oriana_gray.

  • The Judges: Featured in episode 65. They are giant humanoid statues which judge the IPRE Crew's sins.

Story and Songedit | hide | edit source

Lunar Interludesedit | hide | edit source

  • Petrilda: Featured in episode 17. A dwarven carnival vendor and fried conjurer who can fry up anything your heart desires. During the first Midsummer celebration in the Balance Arc, she sold fried unicorn horn and unicorn dick to Magnus, although she noted that it was very illegal.

  • Steven Q. Fletcher Esquire III (the fish): Purchased by Magnus Burnsides in episode 17. Steven is a magical goldfish who lives in an orb, who Magnus takes care of. He is named after Steven Waxmen, Magnus' mentor.

  • Hekuba Roughridge: Merle Highchurch's estranged ex-wife, and the mother of Mavis and Mookie. She hails from the Coralheart clan of beach dwarves.

  • Glymeth: Hekuba's new boyfriend. He has been part of the Coralheart clan for decades. Mentioned in episode 50.


Flophouse NPCsedit | hide | edit source

  • Hathaway Redcheek-Fangbattle A halfling woman who is part of the Redcheek cider family and the wife of Jeremy "Scales" Fangbattle. She is Noelle Redcheek's cousin. She loves music, and it forms the bedrock of her relationship with her husband. She is also fiercely loyal to her family and went on a dangerous mission to ensure the safety of her uncle, Darius Redcheek.

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