Mathias, the Living Grimoire

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Mathias, the Living Grimoire is a clockwork owl that can recite arcane knowledge on command and allow its user to prep one spell they don't know once per day.

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Mathias resembles a clockwork owl, and has been owned by dozens of different wizards throughout its lifespan and can now recite arcane knowledge on command. All arcana checks made by the user who owns this item gain advantage, in addition, the user can use this to prepare a spell they do not know once per day. This spell still takes up a spell slot of the spell’s level, so the user can have a spell that they wouldn’t normally be able to learn and have it live in this owl, but whenever they cast it, it does still burn one of their spell slots.

Episodes Usededit | hide | edit source

  • Ep. 69: Merle uses Mathias so he can cast Mass Heal (which he shouldn't have been able to use, having no 9th level spell slots).
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