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Mary Sage aka. Space Cadet is an ex-member of the Do Good Fellowship Diplomatics department seeking revenge on the government for the arrest of her parents.

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Early Lifeedit | hide | edit source

Mary was born the daughter of famous televangelists Stan and Sally Sage, both of whom would later be indicted for an unknown crime. Seeking revenge, Mary joined up with the Do Good Fellowship in order to attain the powers necessary to carry out her vengeance.

Commitmentedit | hide | edit source

Remy, Nadiya Jones, and Irene Baker are sent to "rescue" and retrieve Mary from her parent's bible themed amusement park called Halleluland. It is stated that she had been hiding there for six weeks after getting her powers. When the three attempt to get her to come out of hiding, she uses her powers of technology manipulation to attack them with a robotic unicorn, an animatronic figure of the biblical figure Salome, and several robotic cherubim.

After the robots under her control are defeated, she uses an animatronic of the biblical giant Goliath to fight Remy, Nadiya, and Irene, who at this time was in the form of Kardala. This mech is defeated, and she is knocked unconscious.

She is brought back to the Berg and taken by Martine, who promises that no harm will be done to her, stating that, after Remy asked if she would be harmed, "She's one of ours."

After handing her over, as well as after Richard gives them a "briefing" as Martine described, Remy, Nadiya, and Kardala are brought into a room by King Richard, where Mary is sitting in a chair with two people standing next to her. One of these people has the power to enhance the powers of others, while the other is able to transmit this ability. King Richard uses Mary's now enhanced, power to project a message of him to every screen in the world, which even includes microwaves.

After the three player characters defeat the others in the room, Mary is brought with them on one of the Skimmers. She uses her powers to start the drone and open a hatch on it, which reveals Stromboli within a compartment.

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