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Madeline Cobb, known primarily by the alias Mama, is the mysterious manager of the Amnesty Lodge. For unknown reasons, she seems to know a lot about the supernatural side of Kepler.

Physical Descriptionedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Mama has been described as a "large, imposing woman". She is an older woman.

She is almost always found wearing a brown, floor length duster.

Historyedit | hide | edit source

Amnestyedit | hide | edit source

Before the events of Amnesty, it was stated that Mama found out about the gate opening early on, and was one of the first people to protect Sylvains and fight abominations.

While not fighting abominations, Mama makes wooden sculptures. These sell for thousands of dollars. In the art world, she is considered to be mysterious and reclusive.

Hunt for the Beastedit | hide | edit source

Mama is first introduced in Snowshoe helping hotel staff wheel in a wooden elk statue during Aubrey's magic show. After being paid for her help, she stays to watch Aubrey's show and witnesses her nearly burn down the hotel with her magic powers. Later on, after Aubrey culls the fire somewhat, Mama calls her over to her truck and, assuming she's from the other world, forces her at gunpoint to tell her what's she is doing so far from the gate. Aubrey tells her that she'll explain more about herself in Mama's truck, away from the approaching police. Mama fully introduces herself to Aubrey, and the two of them head towards the Lodge.

After a somewhat awkward car trip in which Mama attempts to calm Aubrey's concerns that she plans on killing her, the two of them finally reach the Lodge. Once inside, Mama calls over one of the guests, Dani, and instructs Aubrey to demonstrate her powers to her by lighting up the hearth in the middle of the room. Thanks to Dani's cuteness, Aubrey is able to successfully light the hearth, and Mama bolts the Lodge entrance and explains to her that magic comes from another world connected to this world. She explains that humans can enter this other world, and people from the other world can enter our world also. After she says this, the people in the lobby, including Dani, reveal themselves to be monsters and Mama tells Aubrey there's more for her to learn.

Hunt for the Wateredit | hide | edit source

Mama is revealed to have gone away on a trip that no one knows much about. Barclay mentions that he hasn't searched hospitals or marked her as missing as he is afraid to face the idea that she won't come back. At the very end of the arc, Mama returns to Amnesty Lodge.

Featured Episodesedit | hide | edit source

Episodes featuring Mama

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • She has a small following online, and used to be a Vine user.
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