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Atreyus Kannon is a guest

player character in the (K)nights MaxFunDrive bonus campaign. He is played by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Powers and Abilitiesedit | hide all | hide | edit source

  • Song of Rest

Spellsedit | hide | edit source

Vicious Mockeryedit | hide | edit source

In the K(nights) MaxFunDrive bonus episode, Atreyus casts Vicious Mockery on an enemy robot. Lin was prompted by the rest of the party to throw down a sick freestyle rap, which he then did. The rap is as follows:

"Think I'm gonna make fun of your metal smile, but no I'mma let you sit in this bullshit a while

Yeah, you'll never love, you'll never hate, you'll never feel the hand of fate,

You'll never hold a baby's hand, you'll never travel to a foreign land!

You motherfucker will never know the woman's touch!

You are just too fucking much, you waste of space, Siri knows more than you."

The robot reacted to this by "really feeling it", and Griffin felt like it was a bit harsh even for a fictional robot.

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • Has a particular set of skills.
  • The name "Atreyus" likely comes from the character Atreyu in the book The Neverending Story.
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