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Little Jerry and Jerreeeeee are two members of the Hammerhead gang who have the misfortune of crossing paths with the Tres Horny Boys in Petals to the Metal.

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Jerreeeeee and Little Jerry are both members of the Hammerhead gang, and probably look a little like each other, only Little Jerry has a higher voice. Both Jerries are human ruffians. The Hammerhead uniform is a leather jacket with a badass-looking shark embroidered on the back. Little Jerry is afraid of trains, leading to the occasional nickname Li’l Jerry ‘Fraidatrains. Jerreeeeee is a Lutheran, and very content with his current religion. Little Jerry is by all accounts a delight, and everyone’s favorite coworker. Maarvey likes having him around, and he’s Barbara’s favorite. Jerreeeeee’s got his knees, you know?

Historyedit | hide | edit source

We meet the Jerries when they are guarding the Hammerhead HQ with the Booth Guard. Merle, Magnus, and Taako use their adventuring wiles to get past the two of them (and the Booth Guard, Barbara). First, Merle attempts to convert them to a Pan-based religion but ends up threatening them with a train instead. Little Jerry takes this threat to heart and runs away.

Magnus tries to join the gang, which Jerreeeeee is a little apprehensive about. Jerreeeeee relates the cost of joining the gang, and is pretty interested in bartering for initiation with Steven, Magnus’s happy little goldfish. Magnus thinks better of it and offers to pay in installments. Jerreeeeee leaves the scene to check with his boss, Maarvey. 

Taako disguises self to look like Little Jerry, which is a problem for the real Little Jerry, after he loses his train terror. Little Jerry comes walking down the lane only to be confronted by Taako the Imposter and Barbara. Taako puts him to sleep with a spell.

By Ep. 23, Little Jerry has made his way back to the Hammerhead HQ and bangs on the gate. 

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Episodes featuring Little Jerry and Jerreeeeee
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