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Liam is a Fur closely tied to the Mathis family, and spokesperson for the workers.

Personalityedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Liam is shown as a fairly soft character. He doesn't exhibit any violent, rude, or distrustful behavior towards Errol during the investigation.

Historyedit | hide | edit source

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The Murder of Jeremiah Blackwelledit | hide | edit source

Liam becomes a prime suspect in the murder of Jeremiah Blackwell when his digging gloves match the profile of Jeremiah's murder weapon.

His defensiveness over Anne, combined with Dylan's statement that Liam loved Anne and hated Jeremiah, more firmly mark him as a candidate in a crime of passion. However, it is unclear if he ever knew about Jeremiah and Anne's wedding.After speaking with the Banshee, it becomes clear that this crime was more likely to have been centered around the deal instead of love. After confronting Connors, the Graysons discover that Liam was being framed in order to sow chaos amongst the townsfolk. As a prominent worker and trusted Fur, he would be vilified on multiple sides for killing a Fang of a mining family, and all demographics involved would supposedly take sides.

Jeremiah's murder was performed with a digger's glove, but a second one that Connors had stolen from Liam. Connors must have been counting on a sudden mob, because any closer investigation would call into question why Liam's own glove was clear of blood, despite still being dirty from the mines. Good luck swapping those out after several people have seen Liam's clean glove.

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