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Leo Tarkesian is Duck Newton's friend and neighbor. He runs the Kepler General Store. He was a chosen before Duck.

Physical Appearanceedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Griffin describes Mr. Tarkesian's face as warm and craggy.

Personalityedit | hide | edit source

Leo Tarkesian is shown to be a very caring and trusting person. He provides Duck with groceries when he notices that Duck hasn't stopped by his store in a while, intending to leave them anonymously. He compliments Duck often, both on his dedication to the park service, calling him a hero, and on his sword-fighting form. He knew that the people of Kepler would be good neighbors and leaves the door to his apartment unlocked.

Leo keeps the general store well stocked, but neglects the building's maintenance and upkeep.

Historyedit | hide | edit source

Amnestyedit | hide | edit source

Early Lifeedit | hide | edit source

Leo moved to Kepler from New York City after a "long-term gig". He had nothing, trying to find his purpose before he found the general store.

Featured Episodesedit | hide | edit source

Episodes featuring Leo Tarkesian

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • When Minerva appears to Duck at 6:13pm, Mr. Tarkesian is still at work, indicating that the general store likely doesn't close before 6:30pm.
  • Given that Duck is horrible at lying and now his connection to Minerva, Leo probably knew that Duck wasn't saving a baby bear from the river, nor practicing for Romeo and Juliet in episode 11.
  • He is a skilled swordsman. He advises Duck to keep his elbows in more after witnessing him training with Beacon, and he appears at Duck's doorstep holding a broadsword that Duck later uses in episode 28.
  • Leo is a vegan, as stated by himself in episode 30 when Aubrey's offers him half of her waffle.
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