Lens of Straight Creepin'

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The Lens of Straight Creepin' is an item that allows its user to track someone's movements.

Descriptionedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Allows the user to find footprints, tracks or markings of any person or thing that traveled through the area recently once per day.

Episodesedit | hide | edit source

  • Ep. 17: Magnus purchases the Lens from Fantasy Costco.
  • Ep. 18: Used in an attempt to track down The Raven, but it instead just picks up some tracks left by some vagrant kids playing with a hoop and stick.
  • Ep. 24: Used to attempt to track down a battlewagon door.
  • Ep. 42: Used to track Roswell's footprints.
  • Ep. 43: Used to make sure they're not accidentally following the ruffians.
  • Ep. 44: Used to help figure out the mine locker puzzle.
  • Ep. 45: Used to ascertain that no one has left or entered the elder's manor in a long time.
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