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Kravitz is a bounty hunter working for The Raven Queen (not to be confused with The Raven), both a member of her retinue and her charge.[1] Kravitz is presumed to reside within the Astral Plane, described by Griffin as being "Kravitz's, like, home." He usually speaks with a Cockney accent, but possesses the ability to switch to others and drops the accent entirely when not working.

Physical Appearanceedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Human Formedit | hide | edit source

His initial form is that of a strikingly handsome, dark-haired man described as wearing a fancy suit covered by a long black, flowing, cowled robe. He keeps raven feathers in an internal pocket of this robe in order to communicate with The Raven Queen.

Reaper Formedit | hide | edit source

His second known form sheds the human aspect and appears skeletal in nature, described as having glowing red eyes and a scythe in hand. This form greatly resembles the stereotypical “Grim Reaper” figure.

Historyedit | hide | edit source

Early Lifeedit | hide | edit source

Not much has been revealed about Kravitz's life beyond what he told Taako in Episode 50:

Kravitz: I was given a pretty difficult choice when I was faced with the career of being a bounty hunter for the goddess of death. I didn't grow up wanting to be that, of course.

Taako: Who does?

Kravitz: No. I wanted to be a conductor. But unfortunately, you know, just... life finds a way... or death, I guess, the goddess of death.

Taako: In this case specifically, yeah, death.

Griffin later clarified in a tweet that Kravitz wanted to be an orchestral conductor, not a train conductor.[2]

Kravitz has likely been a part of The Raven Queen's retinue for a long period of time, as he has seen things that most adventurers, "given ten lifetimes, would never even dream of."

The Eleventh Houredit | hide | edit source

Kravitz makes an appearance in Episode 49, sitting on the couch in the boys' private dorm, stating that the boys have added to their death count lately and they need to talk.

Lunar Interlude IVedit | hide | edit source

As of Episode 50, Kravitz is a love interest for Taako. They initially go to the Chug N' Squeeze to discuss the fate of the people of Refuge, but this transitions into a pseudo-date. Afterwards, the Umbra Staff attempts to shoot Kravitz in the back with a Scorching Ray. Taako points the Umbra Staff at the sky instead. Kravitz inspects the Umbra Staff, claiming that it is harboring a powerful undead being such as a lich. Kravitz and Taako discuss meeting up for another date eventually, and Kravitz cuts a rift with his scythe and departs.

The Suffering Gameedit | hide | edit source

In Episode 56, Kravitz is seen being drowned by a thick tar-like liquid in the Astral Plane. He is able to surface momentarily, but is dragged down again.

Lunar Interlude Vedit | hide | edit source

In Episode 58, Kravitz frees himself from the black oil, thrashing out of the sea and cutting away strands with his scythe. He fends off hands materialized from the oil and barricades himself in the Eternal Stockade, cutting a slice through the air with his scythe to escape into the Material Plane. When this fails, he attempts to communicate with The Raven Queen, seeking comfort and guidance, but receives no answer for the first time since he joined her retinue.

Story And Songedit | hide | edit source

In Episode 67, it is mentioned that Kravitz makes a deal with an unknown entity, presumably to escape the Astral Plane.

In Episode 68, Kravitz reunites with Taako. They kiss and then declare their love for each other. Kravitz is introduced to Lup and Barry but quickly transforms to his skeletal form and flies off to help defeat The Hunger.

In the Balance finale, Kravitz and Taako are officially dating, and are planning a vacation together. He is Taako’s date to Killian and Carey’s wedding, where Taako holds his hand and finds it feels warm. Griffin later stated the warmth was due to love.

The Adventure Zone: Imbalanceedit | hide | edit source

Taako and Kravitz are still "paramours" ten years after the Story and Song. They appear to live together, although it was not stated outright.

Kravitz is very good friends with Susan.

Featured Episodesedit | hide | edit source

Episodes featuring Kravitz

Graphic Noveledit | hide | edit source

Kravitz plays a larger role in the graphic novels than he does in the podcast. Unlike in the podcast, in the fourth graphic novel The Adventure Zone: Crystal Kingdom, Taako convinces Kravitz to agree to a ceasefire after their encounter in Upsy's chamber. He agrees to help the group find Lucas and the Philosopher's Stone before reaping them, because if the mortal world turned to crystal he'd have to "spend Candlenights processing a planet's world of whiny souls." In exchange, he'd like Taako, Magnus, Merle, and Noelle to "come [with him] peacefully."[4]

Kravitz travels with Taako, Magnus, Merle, Carey, and Noelle through Lucas's lab to the Robot Manufacturing Center, where he helps the group defeat Maarvy, Magic Brian, and Jenkins. He ushers the defeated souls through a rift, returning them to the Astral Plane.

They continue on to the Main Experimental Lab; Taako and Kravitz flirt while walking. Upon arriving in the lab, Kravitz insists he must reap Lucas, the boys, and Noelle in order to restore balance and order—even if it's "not what he would personally prefer."[5] He asks Taako to come with him peacefully. Taako refuses. Legion climbs through Lucas's mirror and forcibly drags Kravitz back to the Astral Plane.

After Legion is defeated, Kravitz returns and calls off the bounty on Taako, Magnus and Merle; unlike in the podcast, he does not play a game for their souls but makes a judgement call. Before leaving, he asks Taako if he can call him; Taako asks if Kravitz has his number, to which Kravitz replies, "I sure do... it's eight."

Like in the podcast, Kravitz tells Magnus he will deliver Magnus's message to Julia.

In the fifth novel, Kravitz has a much more minor role, similar to his in the podcast. He is briefly mentioned by Taako multiple times, but doesn't appear until the end of the graphic novel. Kravitz is sitting on Taako's couch as Taako enters his room, and Kravitz says that the two need to talk about all the new deaths added to the three's count. Taako changes the subject, asking if Kravitz wants dinner.

Fan Artedit | hide | edit source

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • During his Crystal Kingdom appearances, Kravitz changes accents: "I’ve got to switch between different accents to trick my prey! That’s not true. It’s just a fun little character trait I’ve got... I can also do a bunch of fun Michael Winslow-style sound effects."
  • His hands are very cold.
    • However, at Carey's and Killian's wedding in Episode 69, his hands are described as warm, according to Griffin, this was caused by the power of love.
  • Kravitz was named after twitter user @mackravitz.
  • In a live show, it is revealed that Taako and Kravitz are living together, and have multiple cats.
  • Fans have speculated that Kravitz could be Edward's and Lydia's brother and that Keats is simply a shortened form of his name. This theory can be backed up by the fact that in the second The The Adventure Zone Zone, Griffin revealed that during the finale of The Suffering Game, Magnus was originally supposed to end up in the astral plane and have a side adventure that involved Kravitz.
  • Unlike in the podcast, where Kravitz uses a (fake) British accent while working, he does not appear to use an accent at all in The Adventure Zone: Crystal Kingdom graphic novel; there was no mention of it one way or the other.
  • A lenticular sticker of Kravitz was available between April and July 2021 for those who pre-ordered The Adventure Zone: Crystal Kingdom graphic novel and submitted their receipt to First Second.

References and Footnotesedit | hide | edit source

  2. Orchestra conductor, as specified by Griffin.
  3. He appears as the Crystal Golem for the first time in this episode, but isn't fully introduced until Ep. 38: Chapter Ten.
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