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Junior is a young voidfish (a jellyfish-like alien creature), and the child of Fisher, the large voidfish living in the Bureau of Balance. They live in Lucretia's private quarters. Like Fisher, they have the ability to absorb and erase memories from the planar system they reside in. They are also the narrative voice which begins each episode of Balance.

Physical Appearanceedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Junior is primarily described as a "tiny baby voidfish", which Angus in particular marks as "cute".[1] The tank it lives in is also described as "little", with Davenport being able to pick it up and hand it to Magnus Burnsides with relative ease.[2]

Historyedit | hide | edit source

Stolen Centuryedit | hide | edit source

After Lucretia used Fisher to erase the events of Story 7: The Stolen Century, Fisher was able to give birth to a child. This child allowed Lucretia to generate a failsafe for her relic-gathering plan - she could feed the events of the Stolen Century to this baby, and then continue to feed Fisher information regarding the Grand Relics and the Bureau. Then, should she ever need to recruit the IPRE crew to the mission, she could inoculate them from Fisher, leaving their other memories forgotten. She executed this plan, separating Junior from Fisher and keeping them in her private chambers.[1]

Bureau of Balanceedit | hide | edit source

In Episode 59, once Merle Highchurch, Taako, Angus and Barry Bluejeans are able to enter Lucretia's private chamber, they inoculate themselves from Junior, remembering the entirety of the Stolen Century. Davenport and Magnus Burnsides also inoculate themselves, letting Lucretia narrate a summary of their journey to ease them back into their memories.[1]

In Episode 67, Magnus is set to reunite Fisher with Junior, to see if they can somehow remove the static regarding The Hunger and allow the people of Faerun to fight. Once Junior and Fisher are reunited, they ascend into the universe, with Fisher projecting Johann's compositions and Junior projecting the story of the Stolen Century.[2]

Narrative Voiceedit | hide | edit source

In the Final TTAZZ for Balance, Griffin is asked whether the voice at the beginning of each episode is Johann, to which he responds that the voice is intended to be Junior, since Junior was projecting the Story, whilst Fisher projected the Song. He mentions that he enjoys this style of metanarrative framing in other media, and wanted to attempt it here.[3]

Featured Episodesedit | hide | edit source

Episodes featuring Junior

note: technically, Junior appears in every episode of Balance, as the disembodied voice. This table contains every on-screen appearance of Junior.

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • Taking into account that the narrative voice at the beginning of each episode is Junior, many funny inconsistencies arise, such as Junior referencing the Maximum Fun Bonus Drive[4], their "spooky kids"[5], and also naming the show itself 'The Adventure Zone'.
    • All of these inconsistencies are due to the way Balance was written - that is, Griffin didn't have the show fully written until well over halfway into the show.[6]
    • Junior also makes recurring references to being afraid of ghosts in many episodes. This is likely a joke on the voice itself being disembodied and echoed, giving it a 'spooky' and ghostly vibe.

Referencesedit | hide | edit source

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