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Jeremiah Blackwell was the next in line for the Blackwell family, but was tragically murdered long before his time.

Historyedit | hide all | hide | edit source

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Early Lifeedit | hide | edit source

Jeremiah grew up with Anne and Dylan, and they were said to be a good group of kids. The three of them were very close and, over time, he and Anne fell in love.

Anne and Jeremiah were married in a secret ceremony with Dylan as a witness. Jeremiah was elated, and was seen in the Sterling celebrating.

The Murder of Jeremiah Blackwelledit | hide | edit source

Shortly after leaving the Sterling, he was murdered in the street. Dylan, presumably hearing the attack, ran out of the Full Moon Saloon but could do nothing as Jeremiah died in his arms.

While Gandy was examining his body at Michael's mortuary, Augustus spoke with the spirit of Jonathan Mathis who reported that a spirit (presumably Jeremiah's) passed through, carrying feelings of confusion and betrayal.

The cause of Jeremiah's death were cuts sliced across his chest like claw marks, and in these cuts, traces of silver dust were found. The murder weapon was a digger glove, used exclusively by Liam so he could work in the silver mines without getting hurt.

It is later found that Liam was being framed by Sheriff Connors, who was determined to stop the deal, regardless of the cost of innocent life, for his perception of the greater good. A few characters express the unfairness of Jeremiah dying for a cause he wasn't involved in.

Relationshipsedit | hide | edit source

Anne Mathisedit | hide | edit source

Anne and Jeremiah were childhood friends who grew into lovers. They were married in secret, but that was quickly ruined by his sudden death.

Dylan Mathisedit | hide | edit source

Jeremiah considered Dylan his best friend, even a brother, and was likely unaware that Dylan was also in love with him. His death causes Dylan to fall into a deep, self-deprecating despair until Connors's confession sends him into a vengeful rage.

When Joseph Blackwell asks if his son was happy when he died, and Anne answered in the affirmative, it could be interpreted that Dylan's presence during his final breaths was a comfort to him.

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