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Hudson was the engineer for the Rockport Limited. He was murdered by Jenkins and had his hands stolen to be used in opening the crypt safe. One of his hands has a terrible odor and, unusual for an elf, he had a fancy mustache.

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Murder on the Rockport Limitededit | hide | edit source

Hudson is the first person to welcome the Tres Horny Boys aboard the Rockport Limited. He checks their tickets and instructs them in the security protocols of the train, namely that the crypt safe can only be opened with an hour of sustained contact from him and that, for the duration of the trip, he will be in the securely locked engine car. He also locks away their weapons but allows Taako to keep his harmless-looking umbrella and Magnus to keep his Phantom Fist gauntlet.

Later, Jenkins gets into the engine car under the guise of bringing Hudson a drink. Jenkins incapacitates Hudson and swaps their clothes before killing him with his port wand by putting his head through a portal and then closing it around his neck, cleanly decapitating him. He also hacks off Hudson's hands, but much less cleanly. Jenkins then moves his body by hiding it in the drink cart and dumps it in the space between the passenger and sleeper car.

Hudson's body is quickly discovered by Graham, who passes out at the grisly sight. The body is then investigated by Angus McDonald and the boys, who initially mistake it to be Jenkins. After some further detective work, Angus and the boys realize what actually happened, and upon reaching the luggage carriage it is revealed that Jenkins has used his magic to form two meat golems out of Hudson's hands and has used them to open the crypt safe to steal the valuables within. The boys defeat the first golem and Jenkins attempts to trap them by destroying the golem after pointing out that the train is on a collision course and only the engineer's hands can hit the breaks. Jenkins attempts and fails, to use a fireball to destroy the golem which retaliates by throwing Jenkins off the train. The boys quickly dispatch the meat golem thereafter and find their own solution.

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