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Heathcliff is an deals warlock enchanter who lives in the catacombs below Sylvain. He can create and magically enchant items in exchange for valuable items from Earth.

Physical Appearanceedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Heathcliff resembles a giant, humanoid cat with grey fur, a white patch on his stomach, and yellow eyes.

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Episodes featuring Heathcliff

Enchantmentsedit | hide | edit source

As the enchanter, Heathcliff gives special equipment or augmentations to members of the pine guard. The process of enchantment gives a tag to an existing item or creates a new item with the tag. Due to the mechanics, a negative tag is often placed alongside the desired tag. He offers better enchantments when given items he desires from earth. At the start of every hunt, the group is given a list of items that Heathcliff wants them to acquire.

Episode 8: Heathcliff gives:

·         Ned: Enchantment - NARF Blaster – Tag: Magic

·         Aubrey: Enchantment – Sleeveless Denim Jacket - Tags: Armor, Loud

·         Duck: Summoning – Magic Jet Pack – Tag: Fragile, Quick, Volatile

Episode 13: Heathcliff asks for:

·         A law keeper’s symbol

·         A seer’s spectacles

·         A victorious seed

Episode 13: Aubrey obtains ‘a law keeper’s symbol’ from Deputy Dewey using stage magic while Ned and Duck investigate the car crash.

Episode 19: Duck obtains ‘a seer’s spectacles’ from Indrid ‘The Moth Man’ Cold during the Monster fight against the Calamity.

Episode 19: Duck obtains ‘a victorious seed’ that was revealed out of the rotten trunk of the Calamity.

Episode 20: Heathcliff gives:

·         Aubrey: Summoning – Throwing Knife – Tag: Magic, Far, Volatile

·         Ned: Enchantment – NARF Blaster 5000 – Tag: Life Drain

·         Duck: Summoning – Helmet – Tag: Armor

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