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Fisher, also simply referred to as 'The Voidfish', is a large and mysterious jellyfish-like creature. During the events of the podcast, it lives in the Bureau of Balance, absorbing and removing memories from the entire universe's consciousness, leaving behind static.

Physical Appearanceedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Fisher is an alien creature, described as 'jellyfish-like' and 'the size of a whale', with thousands of tendrils reaching from its body. Inside of its body, you can see 'a swirling nebula of stars'. [1]

Historyedit | hide | edit source

Stolen Centuryedit | hide | edit source

Fisher originates in the planar system which contains the Legato Conservatory, living in a cave with many other Voidfish. They are befriended by Magnus Burnsides and Lucretia over the course of the cycle, after Magnus brings them a collection of wooden ducks he carved. When The Hunger hits the conservatory, Magnus rushes to the cave, pulling Fisher from their family to save them from the hunger. He brings the Voidfish onboard The Starblaster, giving them their name and taking care of them throughout the rest of their journey. [2]

In Episode 65, after the judge cycle, the first thing Magnus does is check on Fisher's tank. Lucretia explains that the tank was damaged during her time alone, but she attempted to patch it up and that Fisher is otherwise fine. [3]

In the same episode, Magnus takes Fisher on a 'camping trip', wherein they end up visiting an abandoned library. Magnus reads Fisher a story, which prompts Fisher to steal and eat the book Magnus is reading from, erasing the story from his mind. Fisher seems extremely happy when fed, so Magnus continues to feed them a few stories. [3]

In Episode 66, Lucretia rewrites her mission logs and feeds them all to Fisher, erasing the century from the minds of the IPRE crew. Later, after Lucretia has relocated all of her friends, Fisher has a child - Junior. Lucretia then separated the two, feeding the mission information again to Junior as a failsafe. [4]

Bureau of Balanceedit | hide | edit source

Once Lucretia relocates to the Bureau of Balance, she moves Fisher to their own chamber, and hires Johann to compose music and feed it. She uses Fisher to erase information regarding the Grand Relics and the Bureau, effectively ending the Relic Wars, and setting up the foundation for her mission to reclaim each of the relics. [1]

When the Tres Horny Boys arrive at the Bureau, they are inoculated, allowing them to remember the Relic Wars and begin their work reclaiming relics for Lucretia. [1] During their time at the Bureau, they witness the 'Rites of Remembrance' for Magic Brian[1], Capt. Captain Bane[5], and Boyland[6] - a ceremony wherein a member of the Bureau is erased once they die.

Over the course of the show, Fisher and Magnus bond, and they attempt multiple times to jog Magnus' memory of the Stolen Century to little avail.[7] They also begin singing a refrain of seven notes - E-G-G-B-A-B-E - to try and communicate that it wishes to be reunited with Junior.[5] All of these communication attempts fail, but in the process both Magnus and Johann develop a close relationship with them.

During the day of Story and Song, Magnus rescues the Voidfish from the Hunger once more, and reunites them with their child Junior.The two ascend into the universe, projecting Johann's music back into the universe, as well as all of Lucretia's writings about the IPRE crew. .[8]

Abilitiesedit | hide | edit source

The Voidfish is able to consume memories "fed" to it, and erase them from the collective conscious of the current planar system it resides in. This feeding process involves writing down events, stories, or musical notation and physically letting the Voidfish consume it.[1] The only way to become immune to this ability is by being 'inoculated' by drinking water that the Voidfish has resided in. (It is a long-recurring joke in the show that this water contains Voidfish urine, which is the inoculating substance).[1]

When the Voidfish erases information, it leaves "static" behind in the person's mind. A person who has had a memory taken will find their mind glosses over or refuses to parse information that has been voided, and memories form around the static that prevent them from understanding that they have lost any memory at all. Those who are inoculated can discuss and understand any voided memories, but to someone who isn't inoculated they appear to be speaking in static.[6]

As seen at the end of the show, the Voidfish is not only able to erase memories, but also project memories across the planar system, such that every living being remembers them with perfect clarity. It is unclear how the Voidfish discriminates between information it wishes to erase or project, though it is implied that it is tied to the Voidfish's emotional state.[3]

Featured Episodesedit | hide | edit source

Episodes featuring Fisher

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • Fisher is fond of wooden ducks - particularly those Magnus Burnsides carves for them. They are often seen splashing or playing around with them in their tank. [2]
  • It is confirmed that Voidfish reproduce asexually, hence how Fisher was able to give birth to Junior. [5]
  • The Voidfish's ichor is described as having a wide variety of flavours, often as a joke. These range from "salmon roe" to "crab rangoon".[1]
    • Most discussions on this topic devolve into joking about the ichor being Voidfish excrement, though.

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