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Fantasy Costco, where all your dreams come true! GOT A DEAL FOR YOU!


Fantasy Costco is an independent retail store stocked with magical items and run by Garfield, the Deals Warlock. It is conveniently located on the Moonbase of the Bureau of Balance[1] so Griffin can do all his character management at once.

Inventoryedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Note: Thanks much to Reddit user fishgutsd. No dogs!

Item Sold to Intro'd in Episode Price (GP)
Extreme Teen Bible Merle Ep. 9 350
Phantom Fist Magnus Ep. 9 400
Ring of Pointing Taako Ep. 9 200
Stone of Farspeech (3) Magnus (for sharing) Ep. 9 100 ea.
Scuttle Buddy Merle Ep. 9 500
Wand of Switcheroo Taako Ep. 9 1300
Unlimited Pasta Pass Taako Ep. 9 100
Alchemist Ring Ep. 17 500
Glasses of Lightning Comprehension Merle (?) Ep. 17 600
Lens of Straight Creepin' Magnus Ep. 17 700 (paid 700 for this, the Mystery Bag, and the Tankard of Potent Drink)
Mystery Bag (Steven) Magnus Ep. 17 300 (paid 700 for this, the Tankard of Potent Drink, and the Lens of Straight Creeping)
Pocket Spa Taako Ep. 17 900
Ring of Recall Merle Ep. 17 1000
Tankard of Potent Drink Magnus Ep. 17 300 (paid 700 for this, the Mystery Bag, and the Lens of Straight Creeping)
Anti-Gravity Sphere Taako Ep. 28 500
The Champion's Belt Magnus Ep. 28 800
Diadem of Fabulous Truthiness N/A Ep. 28 900
Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword of Doom spoilers Ep. 28 60,000
The Glutton's Fork Magnus Ep. 28 750
The Immovable Rod Taako Ep. 28 1100
Nitpicker Merle Ep. 28 900
No-sodium Salt Shaker Taako Ep. 28 400
Plastic Sheriff's Badge Taako Ep. 28 500
Phone-a-Friend Scrybones Merle Ep. 28 500
Rusted can of Cheerwine Merle Ep. 28 400
Shield of Heroic Memories Magnus Ep. 28 1200
All-or-nothing coin N/A Ep. 40 700
Arcane Trickster's Glove Taako Ep. 40 1500
Astro Shell N/A Ep. 40 1200
Magnetic Charge Magnus Ep. 40 900
Mathias, the Living Grimoire Merle Ep. 40 1300
Mockingbird Gum Taako Ep. 40 200
Mystery Powder ?? Ep. 40 800
Strongmouse's Laughing Amulet Merle Ep. 40 1200
Tarantula Bracelet Magnus Ep. 40 800
Billow Branch N/A Ep. 50 800
Grappling Hook Magnus Ep. 50 600
Jar of Bees N/A Ep. 50 200
Pocket Workshop Magnus Ep. 50 1200

Rickle Axager's Pocket Guide to Adventuring, Third Edition

Taako Ep. 50 1100
Ring of the Grammarian Merle Ep. 50 800
The Slicer of T'pire Weir Isles Taako Ep. 50 900

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • In Episode 9, Moonlighting Chapter 3, the theme was "Fantasy Costo, where all your dreams come true. We got it all!" In a later episode "We got it all!" was changed to "Got a deal for you!"
  • The Fantasy Costco theme song is a terrible, terrible earworm.
  • The clothing department of Fantasy Costco shoots out with shelves and racks of clothes like in The Matrix
  • It is the only non-dome-shaped building on the moon. 

Referencesedit | hide | edit source

  1. Though it is on the BoB Moonbase, the Fantasy Costco is not officially part of the BoB. That said, Garfield knows much about internal affairs. Perhaps he is a civilian contractor with a security clearance.
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