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Dylan Mathis is the eldest son of the Mathis family and the next heir to the Mathis-owned silver mines. He was the prime suspect in the murder of Jeremiah Blackwell.

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The Murder of Jeremiah Blackwelledit | hide | edit source

After being found holding Jeremiah's body and also covered in his blood, Dylan was arrested and brought into the Sheriff's Office until he can be proven innocent or guilty.

The Grayson's later interrogate Dylan in his cell, but he refuses to answer any of their questions due to a promise he made to his sister, Anne Mathis. Later, The Graysons return and inform him that Anne told them about the secret marriage between her and Jeremiah that he promised to keep secret. Dylan reveals that he had unreciprocated feelings for Jeremiah and expresses guilt that he wasn't around to protect him. The Graysons, especially Augustus, comfort him and ask one last time if he knows anyone who would wish Jeremiah dead. Dylan tells them that Liam, who also has feelings for Anne, knew about the marriage and might have done it out of jealousy.

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Episodes featuring Dylan
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