Dry River

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Dry River (originally called Twin River before all the rivers dried up) is a town located in the unincorporated Crescent Territory, and the main setting of the Campaign 4: Dust campaign.

Notable Locationsedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Full Moon Saloonedit | hide | edit source

A bar run by Wilder and mostly attended by the werewolves of Dry River. It was the last location Dylan was at before running out of the bar, and subsequently being found with Jeremiah's body.

Described as a well-polished dive bar, and a place for one to "have a drink, and forget."

Occupied by Abigail and Marie Jacobs at the time of the investigation.

The Sterlingedit | hide | edit source

A bar/casino run by Isabella Slate, and formerly run by Marcus, who is currently locked up in Isabella's basement. It was the last location Jeremiah was seen before his murder.

Described as sparkling and smelling like money, with a vibe of "take a risk, feel alive."

Despite the late hour, there are gamblers present in the bar, including Em, the ghost gambler.

Silver's Liningsedit | hide | edit source

A tailor shop in the center of town, whose proprietor was the first to find Dylan with Jeremiah's body.

Sheriff's Officeedit | hide | edit source

The starting point for the Graysons, and host to Dylan Mathis and Sheriff Connors. It is also the scene of the boss battle.

Church Groundsedit | hide | edit source

Contains the Graveyard, Church, and Michael's quarters. It seems to be a general hub for the dead.

Carrion Streetedit | hide | edit source

The town's residential area, and Errol's territory.

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