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The Do Good Fellowship (DGF) is an organization not affiliated with any particular government and dedicated to aiding in humanitarian crises. Is most definitely a cult, or, at the very least, cult adjacent.

This group is the focal point of the Commitment campaign.

Departmentsedit | hide all | hide | edit source

The DGF is made up of twelve departments:

  • Security (Internal)
  • Engineering
  • Transportation
  • Facilities
  • Research and Development
  • Information Tech
    • Includes cyber-security.
  • Risk Understanding
  • Diplomatics
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Humanity
    • Includes nursing
  • Diversity/Inclusion

The story begins with a member of each branch being given superhuman abilities, thanks to a major breakthrough in R&D. Known candidates are Irene Baker from HR, Nadiya Jones from R&D, and Chris 'Remy' Rembrandt from IT. Before the campaign began, Addison and Flanagan from unknown departments, and Mary Sage from diplomatics were also given these abilities.

Locationedit | hide | edit source

Approximated layout based on the description in Setup.

The Do Good Fellowship is located on the Jolly RODGR (Research and Operations: Do Good Rectory), or the "Berg", which is a base floating in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. It is diamond-shaped with three offshoots from each point, each belonging to a department of the DGF.

Peopleedit | hide | edit source

Name Position Department Status
Abbey Operative Unknown Alive
Addison Operative Unknown Alive
Chris Rembrandt Operative Information Tech Alive, Renegade
Dagney Operative Unknown Alive
Minor Commitment Characters Operative Unknown Alive
Garfield Department Head Finance Alive
Grace Department Head Humanity Alive
Grey Operative Unknown Alive
Hugh Department Head Diversity & Inclusion Alive
Irene Baker Operative Humanity Alive, Renegade
Jamie Operative Risk Understanding Alive
Joe Department Head Research & Development Alive
Jonesy Department Head Engineering Alive
Lid Operative Unknown Alive
Litti Operative Unknown Alive
Mary Sage Operative Diplomatics Alive, Renegade
Martine Department Head Security Alive
Nadiya Jones Operative Research & Development Alive, Renegade
Parsons Department Head Risk Understanding Alive
Potts Department Head Information Tech Alive
Pridmore Operative Unknown Alive
Richard Poer Main Leader None Alive
Scully Department Head Diplomatics Alive
Sylvain (location) Operative Security Alive

Equipment & Technologyedit | hide | edit source

Vehiclesedit | hide | edit source

  • Skimmer - VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) drones so called because they skim across the surface of water and land.

Armor/Clothingedit | hide | edit source

  • Utility Vest - Grey vests given to all DGF employees. Contains many pockets for holding various tablets and phones, and can deflect bullets and blades once activated with the badges.
  • Triangular Badge - Holographically displays the information of the wearer.

Technologyedit | hide | edit source

  • STEM Plants ("Skinthetics") - Very tiny molecular bonds that, once introduced to a human's body system, empathizes certain parts of them. It can mimic human skin and, over time, grows, changes, heals and bonds with the person who receives it, becoming part of their body in the process. Created by Nadiya Jones.

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • Inspired by Junto, a club for mutual improvement established in 1727 by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia.
    • Their logo, a stylized twenty-four, is a reference to the twenty-four questions asked to each of its members.  
    • In another reference to this, there are twenty four named members, including Irene, Nadiya, Remy, Mary, Martine, and Richard.  
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