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Chaos Stadium is the venue for Fantasy Wrestlemania and the primary location for the Live Boston Stunt Spectacular episode.

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Chaos Stadium is an old building reconstructed into a fantasy wrestling ring. Huge stands full of hard-core fantasy wrestling fans surround a hexagonal ring, with a catwalk hanging about 25 feet above the ring in the shape of a hashtag (#hashtagshape). There are a bunch of lights and a spotlight suspended from the catwalk. The ring is hexagonal and fairly large.

Backstage at Chaos Stadium, there's a locker room, four private dressing rooms (for the other wrestlers), and a dressing area specifically for Jess the Beheader and Magnus, Merle, and Taako. There's a row of mirrors surrounded by lights and a big tall wardrobe. Dante works in this area, creating custom looks for wrestlers and hangers-on.

Merrick is the CEO of Chaos Stadium and the mastermind behind the entire event.

History (spoilers)edit | hide | edit source

Chaos Stadium is the former temple of Garrigos, an old, long forgotten god, patron of raiders and wanton violence. Merrick is more than just the CEO. He is also the mastermind behind raising the avatar of Garrigos from the underworld and part of a surviving cell of the Cult of Garrigos. Chaos Stadium is an old temple of Garrigos and the perfect place to resurrect the foul god.

The plan was to resurrect the Avatar of Garrigos by having a wanton marauder slay the four champions of the land. Or... Fantasy Wrestlemania!

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