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Cassidy is a big, burly half-orc, full-redneck woman who lives in Refuge. She is soot-stained and wears super ratty clothes. She is a miner, and is the only survivor of the quarry rockslide, which caused the deaths of six other miners.

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The Tres Horny Boys first meet Cassidy while they're in Refuge's jail. She narcs on the adventure boys when they open a locked drawer, and then gives them the stankiest of eyes when they enter their jail cell. When Taako asks her what her story is, she says that she shouldn’t tell because she doesn’t trust them not to steal her root beer barrels. Taako reminds her of the rules of improv, so then she tells them that she’s been falsely accused of blowing up a temple. She claims she was just blowing up the earth to get at the precious diamonds underneath. She gives them some information about Sheriff Isaak. After the quake, her cell is damaged and she kicks her way out.

In the next loop, the boys observe Cassidy kicking her way out of jail again. She gives chase down to the quarry with Merle, calls him a gerblin, and ends up knocking him out with a shovel without conveying any pertinent information. While in the quarry, they learn that Cassidy once worked in the mines, and that her timecard was last punched six weeks ago. There was a disaster six weeks ago, and only Cassidy made it out alive.

Under the influence of Zone of Truth, Cassidy tells Merle and Magnus her Quarry Story. While looking for a new diamond seam, she and the other miners dug too deep and accidentally stumbled upon a purple worm nest. While down in the mines, she saw the shadow of a man, which scared her so much that she hit her head on a rock and was knocked unconscious. Next thing she knew, she woke up in jail, accused of bombing the Temple.

After the bubble over Refuge is popped, Cassidy is last seen as Refuge's new town elder, having been exonerated of all guilt for blowing up Istus's temple. As the boys prepare to leave Refuge for good, she gives Merle her root beer barrel candy as a parting gift.

Featured Episodesedit | hide | edit source

Episodes featuring Cassidy

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • She is hard of hearing, possibly because of “all the 'splosions.”
  • She does not speak Thieves Cant or Elvish, and associates non-Common languages with gerblins.
  • She owns root beer barrels that she does not want to have stolen.
  • She frosted her tips sometime in the seven years after the Tres Horny Boys left the bubble.
  • She is not very susceptible to evangelism.
  • She's certain people whom she doesn't know are 'some sort of Gerblin.'
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