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(...) The story of four idiots that played DnD so hard that they made themselves cry.

—Justin McElroy, summing up the entire campaign

The Balance Arc, initially referred to as just The Adventure Zone, is the first campaign of The Adventure Zone. A related three-episode mini-series, Zone of Adventure, aired in November 2021 on YouTube.

Premiseedit | hide all | hide | edit source

The Balance Arc focuses on a trio of adventurers named Taako, Merle, and Magnus, who, following the first arc, work for an organization called the Bureau of Balance, led by a mysterious director. Their job is to find and retrieve powerful and ancient relics that, in the wrong hands, could potentially destroy the world. During their adventures, they meet a boy detective, fight ghost-possessed robots, and discover the true meaning of friendship (as well as a reality destroying horror).

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see Minor Balance Characters.

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see Balance Liveshow Characters.

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See Balance Soundtrack for this arc's full tracklist.

Story Arcsedit | hide | edit source

The Balance Arc's story arcs are broken up into Stories, beginning with Here There Be Gerblins. In between each story arc, Magnus, Taako, and Merle return to the Bureau of Balance's Moonbase for a trip to Fantasy Costco and some character management (Lunar Interludes).

Story 1: Here There Be Gerblinsedit | hide | edit source

The humble beginnings of the Tres Horny Boys, off on their first quest!

Title Air Date Link Runtime
Here There Be Gerblins: Chapter One August 18th, 2014 Listen 1:58:41
In this, the pilot episode of The Adventure Zone, the McElroys create the characters with which they’ll build a new — and hopefully very, very lucrative — fantasy fiction franchise. Join in the campaign as Justin (Taako), Travis (Magnus) and Clint (Merle), led by Dungeon Master Griffin, take their first steps into the unknown.
Here There Be Gerblins: Chapter Two December 4th, 2014 Listen 1:07:27
Our heroes’ first job is not going especially well. Taako, Merle, and Magnus are hot on the trail of their employer’s kidnappers, leading them into a perilous gerblin den. Will they discover the fate of Gundren and his ward, Barry Bluejeans? Or will they find themselves held up by complicated gerblin office politics?
Here There Be Gerblins: Chapter Three December 18th, 2014 Listen 1:17:13
With one half of their former employers effectively rescued, our party begins the hunt for Gundren Rockseeker in earnest. There are just a few things standing in their way: They don't know where he is, they're all Level Clown-Shoes, and also, a jelly monster.
Here There Be Gerblins: Chapter Four January 1st, 2015 Listen 1:05:38
After solving a particularly difficult jelly puzzle, our heroes journey ever deeper into Wave Echo Cave. Taako meets a kindred spirit, Merle does some missionary work and Magnus does some really cool stuff with some chains.
Here There Be Gerblins: Chapter Five January 15th, 2015 Listen 58:47
Merle, Taako, and Magnus complete their rescue mission, but then completely fail an entirely new, far more important mission. Taako acquires a powerful artifact, and doesn't seem so stoked about it.
Here There Be Gerblins: Chapter Six January 29th, 2015 Listen 56:50
In this, the thrilling conclusion to our first Adventure, Merle, Taako, and Magnus pursue their engulfed employer into the heart of Phandalin. Will they be able to douse him before things get out of hand? Also, are you going to finish that Luna Bar?

Story 2: Murder on the Rockport Limitededit | hide | edit source

It's a train based adventure! Imagine Murder on the Orient Express (only with infinitely more Juicy Wizards and technicolor bowties).

Title Air Date Link Runtime
Murder on the Rockport Limited: Chapter One March 19th, 2015 Listen 1:06:47
Our heroes are sent out on their first mission as Reclaimers for the Bureau of Balance. Their initial task is an impossible one: Do they possess the competence required to be on time for a train? The answer may surprise you, but — no, actually, it probably won’t.
Murder on the Rockport Limited: Chapter Two March 26th, 2015 Listen 1:03:10
Our heroes attempt to make the best out of a swampy situation, and race to Rockport before they miss a fateful train. They also meet a beloved radio personality and spokesperson, and hold him ransom for MaxFunDrive donations. Magnus exhibits his upper body strength. Taako gets charming. Merle takes a stink-bath.
Murder on the Rockport Limited: Chapter Three April 16th, 2015 Listen 59:28
Our heroes board their fateful train to Neverwinter, and are rude to just about every single person aboard. Merle strikes out at evangelism. Magnus learns that he may not, in fact, have the biggest muscles. Taako just wrecks some baby carrots.
Murder on the Rockport Limited: Chapter Four April 23rd, 2015 Listen 56:45
As you might have guessed from the title of the past few episodes, our heroes' journey isn't going to be an especially calm one. Because of all the murder, I mean. Taako mourns the dead. Merle finally plays his part. Magnus does one of the absolute coolest punches ever.
Murder on the Rockport Limited: Chapter Five May 7th, 2015 Listen 58:20
The game is afoot! The game of murder-solving, I mean. The game of Dungeons & Dragons has been afoot for a while. Magnus finds unorthodox uses for furniture. Taako practices his interrogation techniques. Merle becomes a robot mom.
Murder on the Rockport Limited: Chapter Six May 21st, 2015 Listen 1:00:50
In this penultimate chapter in the Rockport Limited murder fiasco, our players deduce the true culprit of the titular heinous crime. Merle runs out of magic. Taako finds more creative applications for Levitation. Magnus gets some fresh air.
Murder on the Rockport Limited: Chapter Seven June 4th, 2015 Listen 1:02:21
In the final chapter in the Rockport Limited story arc, our heroes have little time to stop their runaway train from colliding with Neverwinter, potentially ruining some other group's D&D session. Magnus takes a tumble. Merle channels Gary Sinise. Taako does some pretty dope magical stuff.

Story 3: Petals to the Metaledit | hide | edit source

2 Fantasy 2 Furious in this epic tale of battlewagon battles. Think Mad Max meets Wacky Races meets three fantasy dummies.

Title Air Date Link Runtime
Petals to the Metal: Chapter One July 2nd, 2015 Listen 1:00:47
In this first chapter in a new Adventure Zone story, Merle, Taako and Magnus are in hot pursuit of a master criminal in the metropolitan city of Goldcliff. Can they stop The Raven before her crime spree tears the town apart? I don't know, because we haven't finished playing this part of the campaign yet. Magnus does some chopping. Taako learns to Nightcrawl. Merle has a genuinely upsetting encounter with some vines.
Petals to the Metal: Chapter Two July 16th, 2015 Listen 55:22
Our heroes attempt to reconcile with Trent the Treant; a task made difficult by the fact that one of them just cut him in half. After that, buckle up y'all, because it's ELEVATOR TIME. YEEEEAAAAHHHHHH ELEVATORS. Merle befriends a crowbar. Taako does a rope trick. Magnus holds on for dear lives.
Petals to the Metal: Chapter Three July 30th, 2015 Listen 56:39
In this installment, the question isn't 'Will our heroes survive,' it's, 'What's going to kill them first?' Our money's on either the elevator shaft full of sentient vines, or the godlike criminal waiting for them at the top of said shaft. Magnus has an embarrassing pants accident. Taako runs out of juice. Merle goes walking in Memphis.
Petals to the Metal: Chapter Four August 13th, 2015 Listen 1:07:45
Having straight-up embarrassed themselves in their first encounter with The Raven, our heroes look for alternative methods of defeating her. Merle channels a Train God, Magnus makes a fishy deal. Taako receives some bathroom aid.
Petals to the Metal: Chapter Five August 27th, 2015 Listen 1:00:44
Our heroes attempt a sneaking mission to retrieve a vital Battlewagon component, and end up doing something ghoulish that they'll have to keep secret forever. Also, a beloved character returns. Merle saves his heals. Taako grows a third eye. Magnus clefts.
Petals to the Metal: Chapter Six September 10th, 2015 Listen 57:15
Can our heroes secure their hairy compatriot and their arcane objective while not killing everyone in sight? Also, can they go five whole minutes without making a dildo joke? Merle soothes some anger. Magnus sets his axe to stun. Taako reveals his spirit animal.
Petals to the Metal: Chapter Seven September 24th, 2015 Listen 59:41
BWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! That's the sound of a horn, meaning it's time for the Battlewagon Races we've been building up to for six episodes to begin. BUCKLE UP. Taako holds a coronation. Magnus leaps before looking. Merle gets a face hug.
Petals to the Metal: Chapter Eight October 22th, 2015 Listen 59:33
This episode is basically a self-contained Fast and the Furious movie, if that film franchise incorporated actual arcane magicks, rather than just "movie magic." Magnus does some risky jumping. Merle takes a tumble. Taako summons a new best friend.
Petals to the Metal: Chapter Nine November 5th, 2015 Listen 1:02:55
In this penultimate installment of a race that has gotten wildly, profoundly out of hand, our heroes take on a trio of automotive threats. Merle starts himself a convoy. Magnus fights a shark. Taako catches up with an old friend.
Petals to the Metal: Chapter 10 November 19th, 2015 Listen 1:09:11
This is it. Our heroes are in a dead heat with The Raven, the finish line in sight. Who will emerge victorious? Who will end up with the mighty Gaia Sash? More importantly, is there any prize money for this thing? Taako does some sunbathing. Magnus gets shredded. Merle executes the weirdest brag ever.

Story 4: The Crystal Kingdomedit | hide | edit source

King Midas gone Crystal. Also, a rich world of fantasy elevators.

Title Air Date Link Runtime
The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter One December 19th, 2015 Listen 1:01:48
A new adventure begins! Join our heroes as they host a relatively successful office holiday party, and mourn as that party gets totally sidelined by a potential apocalypse. Magnus puts his carpentry to good use. Taako perfects his macaron recipe. Merle does some re-gifting.
The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter Two December 31st, 2015 Listen 1:02:05
Our heroes make their way into Lucas's floating, crystallized lab, and face off against their deadliest foe yet. Will they thrive under the pressure of an apocalyptic time limit? Or will they waste too much time just standing around, debating the names of members of the band U2? Magnus gets caught fibbing. Taako learns about a Grandpa. Merle gets Touched by an Angel.
The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter Three January 14th, 2016 Listen 1:01:45
Having survived an encounter with their deadliest foe yet, our heroes take a moment to reflect on some of Faerun's most prodigious scientific achievements. Later, the trio is forced into a deadly test of intellect, and you can probably guess how well that goes. Merle does some pest control. Magnus makes a token of friendship. Taako enjoys some "Taako time."
The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter Four January 28th, 2016 Listen 1:03:17
We may have finally found a challenge that our heroes cannot overcome: Math-based trivia. Can our heroes stump their animatronic captor before turning extra crispy? Can they stave off a crystalline death for one more episode? Merle seeks divine intervention. Magnus makes an otherworldly find. Taako's good out here.
The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter Five February 11th, 2016 Listen 1:00:03
Our heroes face a series of challenges while exploring Lucas' lab that are, admittedly, all pretty adorable. But still super deadly! Just, like, huggably deadly. Merle performs a random act of kindness. Taako remembers an acrobatic nursery rhyme. Magnus experiences the magic of flight.
The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter Six February 25th, 2016 Listen 1:00:37
Can our heroes achieve a competent victory against three relatively unkillable foes? More importantly: Can they do any sick stunts while doing so? Taako conjures up the ultimate terror. Magnus has a public service announcement. Merle faces a crystal conundrum.
The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter Seven March 10th, 2016 Listen 1:11:01
Our heroes recover after performing some impromptu emergency surgery on their holiest team member, and then, after kicking it for a while, learn the secrets of the universe. No big deal. Taako tries on a new voice. Magnus does some backseat Regulating. Merle learns about an exciting new plant.
The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter Eight March 24th, 2016 Listen 1:20:57
Hey, things aren't really going that great for our heroes right now, but on the plus side - it's MaxFunDrive time! You can support our show by going to, though unfortunately, you can't really support our heroes right now, they've got to un-goof this situation themselves. Merle saves a life. Magnus gets new legs. Taako introduces a long-overdue tentacle scene to the show.
The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter Nine April 7th, 2016 Listen 1:03:09
It's going down. Our heroes have a thrilling showdown with three of their most deadly, most dead foes -- but will they fare as well in Round Two as they did the first time around? Taako defies gravity. Magnus adds to his collection. Merle learns the basics of the Cleric class.
The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter Ten April 21st, 2016 Listen 1:13:27
It's time for the final confrontation. Who's been hunting our heroes all throughout this campaign? What's Lucas really after? Why is Merle getting just completely boned in every fight? Answers to these questions and more linger just behind the play button. Taako has a plan. Magnus has a snack. Merle says his prayers.
The Crystal Kingdom: Chapter Eleven May 5th, 2016 Listen 1:12:14
After a climactic victory, our heroes have a few loose ends to tie up before moving on to their next adventure. Will Lucas and Maureen get Regulated? Will Kravitz claim his undead bounty? More importantly, how are they going to get that big, magic rock out of Magnus' tummy? Merle does prank medicine. Magnus tells a fib. Taako just twerks it out.

Story 5: The Eleventh Houredit | hide | edit source

The gang flaunts their new breezy summer looks in Refuge... over and over again.

Title Air Date Link Runtime
The Eleventh Hour: Chapter One June 2, 2016 Listen 1:08:31
After a fairly morose start to the episode, our heroes are launched -- with great speed -- into a new adventure. What awaits them inside of the time-stuck anomaly? More important question: Who's ready for SUMMER FASHIONS? Merle exhibits classic Dwarven jealousy. Magnus loves a fish. Taako accidentally saves the day.
The Eleventh Hour: Chapter Two June 16, 2016 Listen 1:10:12
What waits for our heroes on the other side of the time-stuck barrier? Seriously, what could be in there? A dragon made out of time? A parallel universe where people eat time like snack chips? A genuinely kind of innocuous, rustic town? Whatever it is, one thing's for sure: There's about to be some trouble in that bubble. Merle does some successful evangelizing. Taako gets caught red-handed. Magnus rushes in!
The Eleventh Hour: Chapter Three June 30, 2016 Listen 1:11:28
Our heroes start to get a hang of the difficult business of repetition as they learn more about Refuge and the events that led the town to such a sorry state. How much catastrophe can they undo in 60 minutes? Certainly they can't make things worse -- can they? Taako burns some spell slots. Magnus goes Over the Top. Merle's evangelism is met with the usual reception.
The Eleventh Hour: Chapter Four July 14, 2016 Listen 1:15:24
Our heroes explore an extremely deadly derelict mine in an attempt to find out what's happening to Refuge every time the clock strikes noon. They do so with the usual amount of caution and grace, which is to say things go very, very, very poorly, very, very, very often. Merle makes some furry friends. Magnus finds a trap the hard way. Taako flies to Heaven.
The Eleventh Hour: Chapter Five July 28, 2016 Listen 1:08:59
Now that Refuge's destroyer has been revealed, our heroes work together to discover a way to stop it. But how many more attempts will they get at solving this, their most deadly mystery yet? Merle leads the group in prayer. Magnus plays hardball. Taako gets on his diamond grind.
The Eleventh Hour: Chapter Six August 11, 2016 Listen 1:27:27
If our boys want to get out of this time-locked quagmire, they're going to need some divine intervention -- and the only way to get this particular god to play ball is to get up to no good. Let's hope that big wheel doesn't stop turning on this rotation, yeah?
The Eleventh Hour: Chapter Seven August 25, 2016 Listen 1:12:43
With a fairly rowdy loop behind them, our heroes come face-to-face with divinity, and try their darndest not to make complete asses of themselves. With the Big Clock winding down and their prize in sight, can Tres Horny Boys save the day -- or, at least, one of the days? Merle goes deity shopping. Magnus takes a Chance. Taako lends a hand.
The Eleventh Hour: Chapter Eight September 8, 2016 Listen 1:17:11
Could you resist the power to go back and change your very worst mistake? What if it meant unraveling some of the non-mistakes you've made since? Also: Imagine, for the sake of this hypothetical, that you're a complete goober. Merle runs out for smokes. Taako takes the show on the road. Magnus goes home.
The Eleventh Hour: Chapter Nine September 22, 2016 Listen 1:23:08
Their prize secured, our heroes look to close out their final loop in Refuge by doing something unprecedented: They try to keep everyone in town from exploding, for once. Merle does some stargazing. Taako encounters an old friend. Magnus opens a tube.

Story 6: The Suffering Gameedit | hide | edit source

Merle, Magnus, and Taako head to Wonderland. What could go wrong?

Title Air Date Link Runtime
The Suffering Game: Chapter One October 20, 2016 Listen 1:07:14
After a summer spent tirelessly training, our heroes are finally prepared to take on their next, harrowing mission. What horrors -- or fortunes -- await them in Wonderland? I mean, this arc is literally titled "The Suffering Game," so you can probably piece it together yourself. Merle hangs ten. Taako's like a bird. Magnus drops in on an old friend.
The Suffering Game: Chapter Two November 17, 2016 Listen 1:06:36
Our boys survived their first encounter in The Felicity Wilds -- but will they survive the perils that await them inside of Wonderland? Or like, maybe it's not so bad in there? No, I'm just goofin'. It's pretty dang bad in there. Magnus makes a new BFF. Merle goes dark. Taako considers a job application.
The Suffering Game: Chapter Three December 15, 2016 Listen 1:18:50
Wonderland has revealed itself as a genuinely unsafe place for our heroes to be. Can they make forward progress in a cyclical game designed to extract raw anguish from them? Can they reach their distant goal before they've sacrificed too much? Magnus goes spear fishing. Merle is the MVP. Taako has a spot of bad luck.
The Suffering Game: Chapter Four January 12, 2017 Listen 1:04:58
After Round One of The Suffering Game, our heroes aren't doing too great -- and with another turn of the Wheel ahead, the future's not especially bright, either. Can they keep their heads up (and on) to power through? Magnus makes an invisible friend. Merle charms the crowd. Taako makes 'em laugh.
The Suffering Game: Chapter Five January 26, 2017 Listen 1:10:45
Strange things are afoot in Wonderland as our heroes find themselves aided by an invisible accomplice -- but will their secret plan pop off before the boys lose something precious to the Wheel? Merle does some costly healing. Taako gets into cosmetics. Magnus forgets.
The Suffering Game: Chapter Six February 09, 2017 Listen 1:04:22
Our heroes are forced to square off against their deadliest former foes -- but their real challenge comes in the form of a danger the likes of which they've never experienced. Taako gets primal. Merle gets disconnected. Magnus gets a couple of helping hands.
The Suffering Game: Chapter Seven February 23, 2017 Listen 1:14:40
Game over.

Taako makes some fashionable friends. Merle does some wordplay. Magnus remembers.

Story 7: The Stolen Centuryedit | hide | edit source

Before the beginning of the end, we return to the beginning of the beginning. Leave the D20s behind for this Powered by the Apocalypse interlude.

Title Air Date Link Runtime
The Stolen Century: Chapter One April 13, 2017 Listen 1:36:38
We're nearly at our journey's end -- but before we can understand what lies ahead, we must first return to this story's true beginning. What brought our heroes together to the crisis they face today? What happened to the memories of their dear, forgotten friends? And just how long have they been running away? Taako learns a new language. Merle eats some beans. Magnus trains under an unlikely teacher.
The Stolen Century: Chapter Two April 27, 2017 Listen 1:27:56
Our heroes find themselves crossing between strange, deadly, beautiful worlds, pursued by a foe they cannot comprehend. Can they grow strong enough to defeat their cosmic enemy? Or will their journey take them down a road from which they can never return? Magnus leads an expedition. Taako is tempted. Merle leads his congregation.
The Stolen Century: Chapter Three May 4, 2017 Listen 39:25
Our heroes have earned a break, don't you think? Merle finds a place to settle down. Magnus keeps 'em on their toes. Taako dispenses some beach wisdom.
The Stolen Century: Chapter Four May 18, 2017 Listen 1:30:54
We're fairly deep into our trip down memory lane, but our heroes are no closer to figuring out how to stop the ever-evolving force that's pursuing them. With few other options, they'll have to adopt a new, remarkably costly strategy. Magnus helps out some Losers. Taako eats a fateful meal. Merle makes a powerful new friend.
The Stolen Century: Chapter Five June 1, 2017 Listen 1:05:57
Our heroes find themselves in a strange world where artists compete for national pride, submitting their works to a mountain that can make them known throughout the land. Can the team create satisfactory masterpieces before their year is up? Merle gets academic. Taako borrows some pearls of wisdom. Magnus meets a fateful friend.
The Stolen Century: Chapter Six June 15, 2017 Listen 1:25:36
The Hunger pursues, and our heroes escape. They’ve been keeping up the chase for decades now, evading without fail. But the Hunger’s getting faster. The journey’s getting harder. The team must take drastic steps, just to stay afloat. We’re nearly caught up, now. Merle writes his story. Magnus breaks his bonds. Taako plans a very good day.
The Stolen Century: Chapter Seven June 29, 2017 Listen 1:28:35
Our heroes' long, forgotten journey comes to an end.

Story 8: Story and Songedit | hide | edit source

The end is near here.

Title Air Date Link Runtime
Story and Song: Finale (Part One) July 13, 2017 Listen 1:21:06
Our heroes' memories have returned. At the end of everything, will they stand together against the encroaching darkness? Or will their past sins leave them irrevocably driven apart?
Story and Song: Finale (Part Two) August 1, 2017 Listen 2:01:39
Two lights shine down from the sky. Their story passes through reality. His song fills their hearts.

The world fights back.

Story and Song: Finale (Part Three) August 17, 2017 Listen 2:42:08
Our heroes reach their journey's end.

Lunar Interludesedit | hide | edit source

Back to the Bureau of Balance to antagonize BoB employees, visit Fantasy Costco, and level up! Oh, and there's some real long-term plot stuff that is probably happening.

Title Air Date Link Runtime
Moonlighting: Chapter One February 12th, 2015 Listen 1:05:37
In this interlude chapter to the Adventure Zone saga, the mysteries of the universe are revealed to our heroes. Magnus has a good cry to some elevator music. Taako further unravels The Eldritch Riddle. It's about to get super weal up in here.
Moonlighting: Chapter Two February 26th, 2015 Listen 1:13:21
Now that they can finally understand like, anything that anybody important is saying, our heroes seek employment in the Bureau of Balance. Merle brags about how smart he is. Taako accidentally encounters some life-changing intel. Magnus does horrible, horrible things to an automaton.
Moonlighting: Chapter Three March 12th, 2015 Listen 1:06:10
Having passed the Bureau of Balance's punishing test of initiation, our heroes stock up on supplies and learn abilities that will help them immeasurably in the future. Merle finds a new god. Taako has a difficult encounter with a coin slot. Magnus advocates for moon-dogs.
Lunar Interlude I: Carnival Chaos June 18th, 2015 Listen 1:11:17
In this brief interlude between adventures, our heroes attend an office party — well, a carnival — at the Bureau of Balance’s lunar headquarters. They also hit up the Fantasy Costco, where they must match wits with their most fearsome mercantile foe yet. Taako makes a discrete trade. Merle tries on some cool-ass slippies. Magnus finally finds a friend.
Lunar Interlude II: Internal Affairs December 3rd, 2015 Listen 1:15:34
Our heroes return to the Bureau of Balance's moonbase after a job kind-of well done. They've got a lot waiting for them: A heated debrief, a major change in the payroll and, of course, a visit to everyone's favorite fantasy bulk shopping outlet. Magnus makes a tentacle connection. Merle gets Zone of Truth-blocked. Taako really just wants to get down on some Quiznos.
Lunar Interlude III: Rest & Relaxation May 19, 2015 Listen 1:31:20
That last adventure was a tough one. Our heroes have earned some time off -- both from mortal danger, and from each other. But how do adventurers spend their downtime between jobs? Also, what's hot and fresh at the bakery counter of the Fantasy Costco? Magnus considers a change in careers. Merle dishes out some beard-centric philosophy. Taako takes on a pupil.
Lunar Interlude IV: The Calm Before the Storm September 22, 2016 Listen 1:23:08
Our heroes have some well-earned free time between missions, although some of their sidequests are a bit more relaxing than others. Enjoy it while it lasts, fellas. Taako has a date with death. Merle spends time with some VIPs. Magnus takes a swim.
Lunar Interlude V: Reunion Tour (Part One) March 09, 2017 Listen 1:17:14
Our heroes' party has just undergone a fairly shocking expansion. They're now tasked with an infiltration mission that hits close to home. As the pieces move into place for the endgame, what do our heroes hope to find -- and where do their allegiances lie? Merle goes along for the ride. Magnus faces a difficult decision. Taako makes one last deal.
Lunar Interlude V: Reunion Tour (Part Two) March 23, 2017 Listen 1:45:14
Our heroes are out of time, out of options, out of places to hide. The holes in their history are starting to fill in; but are they going to like the answers they receive? We're almost caught up, now. Taako fights his fears. Merle loses faith. Magnus hears music.

Bonus Episodesedit | hide | edit source

Title Air Date Link Runtime
The Adventure Zone: MaxFunDrive 2015 March 10th, 2015 Subscriber Feed Only 43:57
Heroes aren't born, they're forged in steel. Tempered with fire and honed on the battlefield, with the light-- *intro music begins* --hold on wait, wait-wait-wait I wasn't finished. Oh Goddammit I forgot what I was saying, anyway it's The Adventure Zone!

A special prequel episode showing how Magnus, Merle, and Taako met and teamed up to take on Gundreon Rockseeker's mission.

The Adventure Zone Presents: The Great Switcheroo October 8th, 2015 Listen 2:05:14
You didn't think our heroes were the only adventurers in the world of The Adventure Zone, did you. In this episode, the hysterical folks from The Flop House take over, introducing the world to a new, lovable trio of mercenaries.

Strap in for a two-hour D&D session starring Stuart Wellington as DM, Elliott Kalan as the Dragonborn Bard Jeremy "Scales" Fangbattle, Dan McCoy as High Elf Druid Lucian Buttwatcher and Zhubin Parang as the noble Tanzer Silverview.

The Adventure Zone: Live in Los Angeles! December 31st, 2015 Subscriber Feed Only 1:27:16
The Adventure Zone is filmed in front of a live studio audience. Today. Just like, this one time.

The Adventure Zone's first live show, a beach themed adventure.

Balance – Live Episode: The Live Boston Stunt Spectacular

November 03, 2016 Listen 1:56:16
Travis and Teresa had a baby! We're so excited for them, but we're also very excited for YOU! Because you're about to hear a live episode we recorded in Boston this past July that turned out super, super great. Thanks to everyone in attendance, and to all our listeners for sticking with us during Trav's leave of absence!
Balance – Live Episode: MaxFunCon East Live! December 1, 2016 Listen 1:39:23
Griffin and Rachel had a baby! But that's not the only bundle of joy being delivered this week! We have a very special episode recorded live at MaxFunCon East! Our adventurers have been through a lot together, but they don't always work so well together. Well, the BoB higher ups have noticed and they've decided to do something about it! So join the fellas (and a very special guest!) as they grow closer as coworkers and friends!
The Flophouse Presents: Return of The Hogsbottom Three December 29, 2016 Listen 3:30:30
We're all on holiday break as we spend some time with our recently expanded families, but instead of skipping a biweek, our friends at The Flop House put together a SUPER BEEFY bonus episode for us! The Hogsbottom Three, fresh off their MaxFunDrive Switcheroo debut, are up against some devious dangers whipped up by DM Stuart Wellington: an old foe, a volcanic giant and the deadliest bowl of chili ever stewed.

Strap in for a three-hour D&D session starring Stuart Wellington as DM, Elliott Kalan as the Dragonborn Bard Jeremy "Scales" Fangbattle, Dan McCoy as High Elf Druid Lucian Buttwatcher and Zhubin Parang as the noble Tanzer Silverview.

Balance – Live Episode: Live in Austin! September 8, 2017 Listen 1:32:37
Earlier this year, Tres Horny Boys rolled up on Austin, Texas, and wove a tale of demons, dreamscapes and High School Drama. THIS IS THAT TALE.
Balance – Live Episode: Live in San Diego! September 21, 2017 Listen 1:43:13
The Tres Horny Boys are dropped into a deadly virtual training program modeled after a classic D&D adventure. With the help of the Chat, can they make it through Lucas' trap-filled dungeon before their lives run out?
Balance – Live Episode: Live in Nashville! December 14, 2017 Listen 1:22:33
Our heroes are joined by a familiar face as they take on a dangerous heist in another reality. ALSO: Some news about the next few experimental arcs!
Balance – Live Episode: Candlenights in Tacoma! December 29, 2017 Listen 1:27:10
Our heroes reconvene at an important site from their storied past to traverse a perilous dungeon. What awaits them is far more deadly than they could have imagined -- and far more ... festive?
Balance – Live Episode: Live in Dallas! May 17, 2018 Listen 1:22:44
Travis is on vacation, so here's our live show in Dallas from earlier this year! Tres Horny Boys reunite to help out some old friends who've run into some stiff competition with their small business, and perform more than a few explosive stunts along the way.
Balance – Live Episode: Live in San Francisco! July 26, 2018 Listen 1:25:27
Our heroes receive a letter from an old friend requesting their aid on the open seas. Spurred on by the promise of incredible treasures, Tres Horny Boys set sail -- but what dangers await them beneath the ocean's waves?
Balance – Live Episode: Live in Atlanta! September 20, 2018 Listen 1:32:55
We're running behind on the next episode of Amnesty, so in it's stead, here's our most recent live show from Atlanta, GA! Follow Tres Horny Boys and their inscrutable companion on a journey across the planes as they learn the horrible history of one of their iconic armaments.
Balance – Live Episode: Live Halloween Special! October 31, 2018 Listen 1:29:27
BOO! That's us jumping out and surprising you with an episode that is A) One day early and B) An exquisitely spooky live adventure! It's our Halloween Special, and boy howdy, is it a wild one. Thanks to the Paramount Theater in Seattle, and everyone who came out to see us!
Balance – Live Episode: Live Candlenights 2018 Spectacular! December 13, 2018 Listen 1:30:13
Angus McDonald had but one item on his Candlenights list: A very special action doll of his very favorite wrestler. Unfortunately for him, Tres Horny Boys were assigned to acquire said toy. Can our three heroes fulfill the boy detective’s Candlenights wish? Or will the forces of outrageous consumer demand prove an unbeatable foe?
Balance – Live Episode: Live in New Orleans! March 7, 2019 Listen 1:31:17
Join the original rowdy boys on a quest to hold off the apocalypse — again — by confronting a deity whose machinations are too sinister to truly behold. Or, maybe, he really just wants to throw a bangin’ party. One of the two.
Balance – Live Episode: Live in San Jose! May 16, 2019 Listen 1:29:33
THE YEAR IS 20XX. Organic organisms have all but been erased from the face of Faerun. Today, a small band of resistance fighters will execute their final operation to topple their robot overlords. They will be joined by three goobers who have no idea where they are, or what’s going on, or anything, really.
Balance – Live Episode: Live at Emerald City Comic Con! December 23, 2021 Listen 1:17:22
A holiday party thrown by an old friend takes a turn for the less festive when all the presents and decorations disappear. It’s up to Tres Horny Boys – accompanied by a grumpy companion – to save the day and go on a journey to find the true meaning of Candlenights.
Balance – Live Episode: Live in Minneapolis! August 11, 2022 Listen 1:33:19
Is it a dream? Maybe! Tres Horny Boys find themselves in the world’s deadliest cooking competition. They must battle delicious foes, entertain nutritious friends, endure tummy troubles, and impress the judges – or risk being forever labelled an idiot sandwich.
Balance – Live Episode: Live in Seattle! January 4, 2024 Listen 2:05:49
Tres horny boys arrive in our plane of existence just in time for a convention! But something is amiss and a rogue billionaire threatens to destroy not just one world, but many. Can the heroes gather enough capital for useful battle merch?

Mini-series: Zone of Adventure: Imbalanceedit | hide | edit source

Tres Horny Boys return in a special three-part mini-series DMed by Aabria Iyengar.

Title Air Date Link Runtime
The Zone of Adventure: Imbalance - Episode 1 November 11, 2021 Watch 1:28:49
A new DM takes the reins, old friends get a chance to catch up, and a dinner party is interrupted by an uninvited guest.
The Zone of Adventure: Imbalance - Episode 2 November 17, 2021 Watch 1:13:43
Magnus rushes in. Taako considers a new career path. Merle forges a new connection. The Captain does some housekeeping. Who can still handle themselves in a fight, and who exactly are they even fighting?
The Zone of Adventure: Imbalance - Episode 3 November 24, 2021 Watch 1:19:17
Our heroes confront the possibility of the past. The Captain encounters an angel. Magnus gets a hand from an old friend. Taako gets his weapon back. Merle gets confused.

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