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The Broom of Flying, or the Vroom Broom, is a broom that can fly.

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The Broom of Flying resembles a simple wooden broom. It weighs 3 lbs, and functions like a mundane broom until you stand astride it and speak its command word, which, in Merle's case, is "Hang Ten". It then hovers beneath you and can be ridden in the air. It has a flying speed of 50 feet, it can carry up to 400 lbs., you can send the broom to travel alone to a destination within one mile of you if you speak the command word, name the location, and are familiar with that place. The broom comes back to you if you speak another command word, provided that the broom is still within one mile of you.

Episodes Usededit | hide | edit source

  • Ep. 51: Merle uses the Broom of Flying to escape the Bureau glass sphere, which got stuck in a tree when landing.
  • Ep. 59: Merle attempts to use the Broom of Flying to escape the quicksand he and Taako are trapped in, but it spontaneously combusts. Luckily, they were just under an illusion spell, so the Vroom Broom is completely safe
  • Ep. 67: Merle uses the Broom of Flying to drag an enemy into the path of a charging rhinoceros, unfortunately, Merle is also struck by the rhinoceros and is knocked off the Broom.
  • Ep. 68: Merle uses the Broom to get back to the Bureau moonbase from the ground.
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