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Boyland was a Regulator and part of a team with Killian and Carey Fangbattle. He was extremely well-liked by everyone who ever met him -- except for Magnus, Merle, and Taako. He has a comically large family (400 sons, 13 daughters, and multiple wives and husbands) and smokes a cigar.

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During the mission to retrieve the Philosopher's Stone from Lucas's lab, Boyland opened a window and took off his Null Suit helmet to have a smoke. A crystal then drifted in, touched his skin, and turned him and the room he was in into pink tourmaline.

Approximately a month after his death, a funeral was held for him in the Bureau of Balance and his rites were recited. Literally everyone on the base (except for Avi, who was on a mission) was in attendance because he was a well-loved member of the Bureau. He often brought in donuts for the office. His name was given to The Voidfish and his existence was erased. The Voidfish reacted strongly to his memory because of his large family, and it looked like hundreds of fireworks were going off inside of it. He was replaced by NO-3113 on the Regulator team.

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Taako Tuesdays - Boyland

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