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Eat My Whole Ass


Beacon is the Chosen Weapon wielded by Duck Newton. Beacon is a talking sword whose blade is coiled and whose voice sounds like an uncanny impersonation of Tim Curry. Like Garyl, he is voiced by Justin McElroy.

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The composition, as dictated by the Chosen playbook, is the following components: Handle (1 Form), Artifact, Blade, Long (3 Business-ends). This gives it the tags 1-harm, hand, balanced, magic, +1 harm, and close. The Material has yet to be confirmed.

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Episodes featuring Beacon

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • Justin confirmed in Episode 22 that Duck wears Beacon as a belt when not engaged in combat.
  • Justin confirmed that Beacon's design is based off of the urumi, a type of sword originating from South Asia known for being dangerous to handle and difficult to master.
  • A common humor element in the fandom is to speculate wildly about where on the sword the mouth is located. Common locations include on the side of the hilt and on the blade itself (as in the art portrayed in this article), as well as at the base of the blade such that the blade is similar to a large metal tongue, and at the end of the hilt such that holding the sword is akin to grabbing a dog by its snout.
    • In Episode 19, Griffin described the guard as "In the shape of a mouth"
  • It was previously assumed that Beacon originated from the same planet as Minerva, but she stated in Episode 36 that she was once entrusted with carrying it much the same way as Duck was prior to the events of Amnesty, and that she did not know its purpose until it began to destroy The D.O.M.

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