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Barclay is a cook at the Amnesty Lodge and co-leader of the Pine Guard. Oh, and he's also our good, good boy, the Bigfoot.

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Ned and Barclay accidentally run into each other in the forest just as Ned is preparing to wrap up his latest grift, which involves him faking footage by dressing up in a Wookiee costume and pretending to be Bigfoot. During an awkward conversation where Ned tries to cover his ass by claiming that he's filming footage for a Chewbacca fan film, he notices Barclay attempting to hide a chain with a glowing orange crystal on the end, and the two of them are attacked by a bobcat with black ooze streaming out of its mouth. Barclay asks if Ned can keep a secret, and he charges towards the bobcat, pulls up his shirtsleeve, unties a hempen bracelet, and, in the blink of an eye, turns into Bigfoot.

He is dating Agent Stern.

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