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This page is for characters from Campaign 1: Balance whose only appearances are in the Balance-era liveshows.

Balance Liveshow Charactersedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Live in Los Angelesedit | hide | edit source

Live Boston Stunt Spectacularedit | hide | edit source

  • Gerald the Catwalk Boy: The boy who operates the catwalk spotlight for the Battlefest.

  • Death Man: An older wrestler (who is still very strong). see real-world wrestler The Undertaker.

  • Dante: A male goliath who works at the Chaos Stadium. He manages the costumes for the wrestlers. He has pitch black hair, a little goatee, and is wearing a spectacular tuxedo. While working, he wears small glasses on his gigantic face.

  • Jeff Angel: A famous fantasy professional wrestler, who is an Aarakocra. He calls his dad every day. see real-world wrestler John Cena. Jeff Angel also makes an appearance in the Live Candlenights 2018 Spectacular, in the factory which is producing 'Turbo-Jeff Action Dolls' based on himself.

  • Queen Sabine: A famous fantasy professional wrestler, who was Jess the Beheader's tag-team partner prior to an injury. The two now have a bitter rivalry.

  • Merrick: The CEO of Fantasy Wrestlemania and the Chaos Stadium. He initially seems unassuming, but reveals himself during the liveshow to be a follower of Garagos, the god of violence. He is using fantasy pro-wrestling to summon Garagos, but is thwarted by the Tres Horny Boys.

  • Marie: A follower of the Order of Tempus, sent to keep Garagos from being risen by Merrick.

MaxFunCon East Liveedit | hide | edit source

  • Skelly: An employee of Camp Goodfriend. Wears a (child's) costume of a skeletal dragon.

  • Art Goodfriend: An elven man who is the owner, administrator and counsellor of Camp Goodfriend. His passion is in promoting teamwork.

Live in Austinedit | hide | edit source

  • Brody: an (extremely radical) student of Neverwinter High. He is always riding his skateboard, doing sweet kickflips.

  • Derek Taylor: Neverwinter High's PE teacher. His name and appearance is a reference to Eric Taylor from the TV show Friday Night Lights.

Live in San Diegoedit | hide | edit source

Live in Nashvilleedit | hide | edit source

  • Terry: A security guard at the Grimaldis casino, helping the Tres Horny Boys (and Lup) with their heist of the fifteen-dollar bill. At the end of the liveshow, he is revealed to be a master thief, who claims the fifteen-dollar bill for himself.

Candlenights in Tacomaedit | hide | edit source

Live in Dallasedit | hide | edit source

Live in San Franciscoedit | hide | edit source

  • Orla: An orc Mercenary who joins Davenport on the high seas.

Live in Atlantaedit | hide | edit source

  • Cinder: A living fireball who accompanied the Tres Horny Boys to fight King Scald. He was recently fired from working in the forge of King Scald's castle.

Live Halloween Specialedit | hide | edit source

Live Candlenights 2018 Spectacularedit | hide | edit source

  • Gerald Loggins: A level 1 Stepdad, who is looking for the Turbo-Jeff Action Doll for his stepson Timothy.

  • Cherub Joe: Jeff Angel's sleazy manager, and the mastermind behind the Turbo-Jeff Action Doll line.

Live in New Orleansedit | hide | edit source

  • Reggie Fitzpatrick: The Party God of the Celestial Plane. He takes in Edward and Lydia after the events of Story and Song, who act as his DJs in his eponymous 'Reggietown'. He has a spray tan and wears sunglasses, sneakers, and a windbreaker of the most fantastical colors.

  • Jerry: An enormous minotaur who watches the gate to Reggietown. He has no need for money, because he has what he calls "the sweetest job in the world". He likes reading books, the sound of rain against the roof of his booth, and his job. When someone gets too rowdy, he can throw them at the ground so hard they bounce. He is convinced by Magnus to let the Tres Horny Boys and Pan into Reggietown.

  • Staven: An angel who serves as a bartender in Reggietown, described as handsome and rugged. He pours Taako a glass of 'Brosia (one part god nectar, one part grenadine, and two parts Michelob Ultra) and gives Magnus a lobster tail. When asked about Reggie Fitzpatrick, he says that Reggie doesn't come around often and explains that Reggie "only shows up when the party is wild enough".

Live in San Joseedit | hide | edit source

  • Commander Brock Knifebone: A resistance commander with closely cropped white hair, a big mustache, a cigar, and a plasma rifle. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and had two bandoliers wrapped around his chest. The resistance banded together to get him a shoe to eat for his birthday. He was disintegrated mid-sentence while delivering a speech to the resistance squadrons before Operation Re:Balance.

Live at Emerald City Comic Conedit | hide | edit source

  • Scroog: Klarg's miserly uncle, whom the Tres Horny Boys are tasked with teaching the true meaning of Candlenights. He made his riches by investing in meatgetables (vegetables made out of meat).

  • Snow Warrior: A giant snowman who came to life after being built by the THB. He has the Umbra Staff for a nose and a Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword Of Doom made out of snow, as well as the heart of a child, a white man's confidence, and a great 401k. He is accompanied by a smaller snowman called Snow Paul.

  • Ignorance, Want, and Derek: Three living wooden puppets resembling bugbears who play White Elephant.

  • The Grunch: A "gnarly looking" bugbear, with green fur and a filthy Santa suit. He seeks to ruin Candlenights by stealing holiday decorations and summoning Krampus. Late in the show, he is revealed to be Scroog from the future after the THB failed to convince him of the Candlenights spirit.

  • Krampus: A 40 foot tall demon with antlers and a skull-like face.
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