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Aubrey Little, stage name The Lady Flame, is a player character in the Amnesty campaign controlled by Travis McElroy. Aubrey is a small-time touring stage magician whose act centers around pyrotechnic sleight-of-hand. Her traveling companion is Dr. Harris Bonkers, PhD., a ten-pound New Zealand White Rabbit that she liberated from a laboratory.

Beyond her talents with stage magic, Aubrey has actual latent fire-based magical powers that begin to manifest during a performance at the opening of the pilot. Her powers seem to be somewhat dependent on her emotional state and can fluctuate with her mood and level of focus.

She is Sylvain.

Physical Descriptionedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Aubrey has a "goth-punk" appearance with a pompadour undercut hairstyle and facial piercings. She wears specialized gloves for her act that allow her to create sparks with a snap of her fingers. These gloves also serve as her foci for her Spell-Slinger abilities.

She wears a denim vest that, after being enchanted by Heathcliff, has bright, shimmery red threads coursing throughout it. She also wears combat boots.

In Episode 16, Aubrey's right eye becomes "dark orange, [with a] starburst of lighter orange just around the pupil.", while her other eye remains a light brown color.

In Episode 28, her left eye takes on the same coloration as the right.

In episode 36, it is revealed that she dyes her hair red. It was implied beforehand in episode 24.

Historyedit | hide | edit source

Early Lifeedit | hide | edit source

Aubrey grew up in a well-off household outside of Kepler with her mother and father. On her eighteenth birthday, the day she was going to leave her home to pursue her career as a stage magician, her mother planned on giving her the Flamebright Pendant, a special family heirloom. She changed her mind and held onto it, planning to have it adjusted for Aubrey. That night, Ned Chicane and Boyd Mosche broke in to rob their house. Aubrey heard the noise, woke up, and ran to the stairs in a panic. She tripped, hit her head on the banister, and passed out; she woke later to find her house burned to the ground, and her mother dead. Her father, however, made it out alive. After this, Aubrey left home and continued her plans, taking Dr. Harris Bonkers with her. Aubrey is unsure of the full events of what caused the fire, claiming she can almost remember it.

Current Affairsedit | hide | edit source

As of Episode 36, Aubrey is travelling across Sylvain with Dr. Harris Bonkers, Janelle, Alexandra, and her romantic partner, Dani, in order to help rebuild the world. She is also populating Sylvain with a variety of "fun trees".

Powers and Abilitiesedit | hide | edit source

Combat Magicedit | hide | edit source

Baseedit | hide | edit source

  • Blast: 2-harm magic, close, obvious, loud

Effectedit | hide | edit source

  • Fire: Adds "+2 harm fire" to a base. If Aubrey gets a 10+ on a combat magic roll, the fire won't spread.
  • Force or Wind: Add "+1 harm forceful" to a base, or "+1 armour" to a wall.
  • Lightning or Entropy: Add “+1 harm messy” to a base.

Movesedit | hide | edit source

Basic Movesedit | hide | edit source

  • Act Under Pressure: Used for any difficult or dangerous action that isn't covered by another move. 
  • Help Out: Used to help another hunter do something. If Aubrey succeeds, she'll give them a bonus on their task. 
  • Investigate a Mystery: Used to work out what kind of monster Aubrey is dealing with, what it can do, and what it's planning. 
  • Kick Some Ass: Used for fighting. Fighting monsters, mainly. 
  • Manipulate Someone: Used to try and get someone to do something for Aubrey, after she gives them some kind of reason.
  • Protect Someone: Used to save someone from danger. 
  • Read a Bad Situation: Used to work out what dangers are immediately threatening Aubrey. For instance, if she thinks she is walking into a trap or wants to do some tactical analysis. 
  • Use Magic: Used to cast magic spells or use enchanted items. 

The Spell-Slinger Movesedit | hide | edit source

  • Tools and Techniques: To use her combat magic effectively, Aubrey relies on a collection of tools and techniques:
    • Foci: Aubrey needs wands, staves, and other obvious props to focus. If she doesn't have them, her combat magic does 1 less harm. In Aubrey's case, her gloves are her foci.
    • Consumables: Aubrey needs certain supplies - powders, oils, etc. - on hand. If she doesn't have them, she must take 1-harm ignore-armour when she casts magic. In Aubrey's case, her consumables are the flammable liquid and metal shavings.
    • Gestures: Aubrey needs to wave her hands around to use combat magic. If she's restrained, she must take -1 ongoing for combat magic. In Aubrey's case, her gestures are the flourishes, the sleight of hand, etc. she has worked into her act.
  • Forensic Divination: When Aubrey successfully investigates a mystery, she may ask "What magic was done here?" as a free question.
  • Not My Fault: +1 to Act Under Pressure when Aubrey is dealing with the consequences of her own spell-casting.
  • Practitioner: Aubrey chooses two effects available to her under use magic. She takes +1 to use magic whenever she chooses one of those effects.
  • Third Eye: When Aubrey reads a bad situation, she can open up her third eye for a moment to take in extra information. She takes +1 hold on any result of 7 or more, and can see invisible things. On a miss, she may still get 1 hold, but she's exposed to supernatural danger.

Havenedit | hide | edit source

  • Mystical Library: If Aubrey uses her library’s occult tomes and grimoires, preparing with her tomes and grimoires, she takes +1 forward for use magic.

Gearedit | hide | edit source

Gear both currently owned and lost by Aubrey throughout the show.

Weaponsedit | hide | edit source

Weapons currently in Aubrey's possession.

Item Episode Acquired/Mentioned Tags Notes
Gloves Setup Aubrey's main way of channeling her magic.
Sniaytch 20 far, magic, volatile A magic throwing knife created by Heathcliff that can be controlled remotely

Armoredit | hide | edit source

Item Episode Acquired/Mentioned Tags Notes
Sleeveless Jacket 1 1-armor, loud A denim jacket with the sleeves cut off, thus technically making it a vest; Magically enchanted by Heathcliff
Pine Guard Patch 4 A patch worn by members of the Pine Guard; Woven with Sylvan wool, allowing her to safely travel through Sylvain

Otheredit | hide | edit source

Item Episode Acquired/Mentioned Tags Notes
Flamebright Pendant 4 A pendant formerly owned by Aubrey's mother. It was passed down through the family and was going to be passed down to Aubrey before Ned stole it. It is later revealed that the crystal in the pendant was once part of the heart of Sylvain. The pendant also contained Sylvain for centuries until Aubrey was born.

Fan Artedit | hide | edit source

Triviaedit | hide | edit source

  • Travis has confirmed Aubrey to be bisexual. [1]
    • Because of this, like all bisexuals, she has magic powers. [2]
  • Aubrey is Puerto Rican. [3]
    • This, along with her name and sexuality, may infact be references to Aubrey Plaza, who Travis has stated was an inspiration for the character and is also a bisexual Puerto Rican.[4]
      • Her being named after Aubrey Plaza was confirmed in TTAZZ 2[1]
  • Aubrey has ADHD. [5]
  • Aubrey's favorite meal is a fig, pear, and blue cheese salad. [6]
  • Aubrey would have had a motorcycle with a sidecar for Dr Harris Bonkers PhD to ride around in if it wasn't too late to set up in the story. [7]
  • In Episode 36, Aubrey suggests to Dani that they rename the city of Sylvain to "The City of Chicane" (After Ned Chicane)
  • Aubrey and Dani are in a romantic relationship.
  • In Episode 36, Aubrey created a pudding fruit tree for Dani and a carrot tree for Dr. Harris Bonkers, PHD, during their travels on Sylvain, in an area she called Wonka Forest (after Willy Wonka). Also made a cheese bush ("it's nice cheese") upon meeting some mousefolk.
  • Advised by Janelle not to recklessly make fun trees, at least for the sake for Thacker's cataloging and fear for the future effect.

Referencesedit | hide | edit source

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