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Here there be spoilers!

Proceed at your own risk if you have not yet listened to Episode 36 and beyond.

Abominations, or Bom-Boms, is the common name given to the primary antagonists of Amnesty. They are initially understood as monsters of unknown origin that appear around the gateway to Sylvain every few months, before the full moon, to terrorize the area within a mile of the gate. If left unchecked for too long, they are able to wander further from the gate, threatening Kepler; the Pine Guard's job is to hunt down and eliminate them before this happens.

Each Abomination is completely unique, with different instincts, capabilities and weaknesses that must be exploited in order to kill it. During the time Duck Newton, Aubrey Little and Edmund Chicane are with the Pine Guard, each new Abomination appears to progressively evolve and become more difficult to defeat, to the point where the fourth Abomination has a daunting array of powers and no clear weakness.

The Abominations' origins and motivations are initially obscure, but over the course of Amnesty they show clear signs of intelligence and evolving strategy. The physical body of each Abomination, including the goat men like Billy, is controlled by an intangible, four-armed humanoid being of pure light, which is released and dissipates when the creature is slain.

In the final episode of Amnesty, the mission, origin and true nature of these light beings (and the Abomination bodies they control) are revealed.

Known Abominationsedit | hide all | hide | edit source

Abomination Status First Appearance Last Appearance Powers Weakness
The Beast Deceased Amnesty - Episode 2 Amnesty - Episode 5 Can control animal carcasses Fire
The Water Deceased Amnesty - Episode 6 Amnesty - Episode 11 Can manipulate water Intangible weapons
The Calamity Deceased Amnesty - Episode 18 Amnesty - Episode 19

Can manipulate the probability of future outcomes to cause improbable tragedies to befall victims

Tended to by malevolent goat men of which it has loose control

The Countenance Deceased Amnesty - Episode 22 Amnesty - Episode 28 Can assume the appearance, voice and other attributes of creatures it has encountered to impersonate them

Can open and travel through dimensional rifts

Possibly magical weaponry
The Fire Deceased Amnesty - Episode 30 Amnesty - Episode 30 Can manipulate fire Potentially intangible weapons
The Gorilla Beast Deceased Amnesty - Episode 36 Amnesty - Episode 36 A large, gorilla-like creature, wreathed in defensive flames Unknown, if any

Some other unnamed Abominations play minor roles in Amnesty. In a flashback to 1989, detailed in Episode 30, a scaled, gape-mouthed creature briefly accosted Arlo Thacker before being dispatched by Mama. Their generation of the Pine Guard also fought a fire elemental in 1997.

Several others of various forms are briefly seen during Episode 36, in the process of being printed for use by Reconciliation. This process is interrupted by the Pine Guard, however, and only The Gorilla Beast is successfully completed. A physical body in the semblance of Duck's sister Jane, which may technically be considered an Abomination, is also destroyed in the same episode before it can be completed.

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